4 Reasons Your Startup Needs an Accounting Software

|Updated on: May 14, 2024

Are you an entrepreneur of a rapidly growing startup looking for an advanced accounting software to help maintain all your financial tasks with the click of a button? As a business owner, when you adopt an accounting software, you get an overview of all financial aspects of your company along with an in-depth analysis.

This aids in optimizing profits, ensuring business longevity, maintaining seamless cash flow, and minimizing expenditures while assisting your business to reach its goals. It also helps manage all your banking transactions, reconciliation, outstanding interest, and more.

Having the right accounting software that supports growth while helping in predicting, planning, and controlling financial processes strategically has become an imperative factor for any business to thrive. Here are the top 5 reasons why your business should adopt an accounting software:

1. Manages accounting operations

Accounting software helps manage all your accounts-related processes starting from inventory management to invoicing. By automating all accounting operations, your startup becomes efficient at cash flow management with the software giving you a clear view of business income and expenditure.

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2. Easier tax filing

Advanced accounting software can be integrated to automatically calculate GST of each sale. This will ensure that all your tax figures are error-free and tax paid is recorded for every transaction. The software also helps with e-Invoice generation for easy recording of all invoices for tax purposes making your business tax compliant.

3. Enhanced accuracy

Accounting software reduces human intervention. The only manual process to be done is to enter all the transactions that occur. Once a sale is entered into the accounting system it is captured by the software generating an invoice and recording the transaction.

It also saves an audit trail so the business owners can monitor past transactions and modifications made to these transactions. Automation of account keeping ensures that there is accuracy in the ledger entries as well as important documents such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory reports.  

4. Advanced monitoring

It helps monitor all your accounting entities, track business inventory, support sales and purchasing processes while enabling smooth business operations. All financial activities are monitored and recorded by the software. This data is used by the software to give you business insights in the form of actionable reports. These reports can be used for business planning and strategy.

TallyPrime helps you get valuable business insights that contribute to smooth business operations by automating tasks like generating timely accounting and financial reports, record-keeping of banking receipts, and much more.

Tally Prime generates all the reports that would be required by authorities, investors and other stakeholders with no manual work involved. It eliminates the need for paperwork by automatically generating digital invoices, e-Way bills, etc. You can even share these invoices and bills via WhatsApp and personalise them by adding the company logo and more.

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