How To Choose The Best Account Management Software For SMEs

Best Account Management Software For SMEs
|Updated on: November 22, 2023

A business account management software reduces costs, improves productivity, accelerates efficiency, boosts collaboration, and minimizes errors. This is why you must choose the accounting management software with care. Here are some of the most important factors you must consider before investing in business account management software.

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Determine important account management features

You cannot find the right fit if you do not understand your business requirements. It starts with determining why you want accounting software. Is it to streamline certain processes? Is it to ensure automation of tedious tasks of bookkeeping? Is it to manage inventory and payroll better? What is it that your business needs for further growth? You can jot down the top features you are looking for in accounting software and then start from there. For instance, TallyPrime provides all the major business management features including payroll, cash flow, credit, automation, and inventory.

Software must be easy to use

The business management system you use must not have a steep learning curve. You should choose software that is relatively easy to learn and you get expert support when you need it, just like in TallyPrime. The business management software is supposed to make managing your entire business easy, not tough. The software should require minimal training so all your employees can familiarize themselves with it and start to use it for better business management. It is ideal if the software has plenty of resources such as tutorials, YouTube videos, and expert advice.

Scalability is a must-have

As an SME, your business will grow. It may take one year, two years, five years, or any number of years. The business accounting software you choose must be scalable to support your growing business. This feature is often overlooked, but it is vital to minimize costs later on when the business grows. Transferring from one software tool to another one is time-consuming and effort-inducing. Choosing a software like TallyPrime, which is built for MSMEs, will reduce the headache later on and save you precious time.

Reporting features

You want your business to grow but you cannot make these vital decisions if you don’t have the proper reports. A business accounting and management software must have reporting features such as TallyPrime which can generate over 400 reports. Reporting enables you to make better decisions based on the real data of your business. It provides an overview or a thorough view of your business which allows for smart decision-making. Reports reveal the current status of your business, its performance, and where improvement is needed.

Efficient taxation

A business accounting software should make taxation easier and should have tax-related features. You should always file your returns timely and ensure you pay the tax liability to the concerned tax authorities. Skipping on paying tax liabilities can attract penalties and fees which every SME must avoid. TallyPrime automatically generates GST-compliant invoices and supports issuing of e-invoicing. It makes tax returns a smooth and simple process by minimizing errors for MSMEs. It also generates various tax reports so you can understand taxation better.

Flexible features

A software solution with flexible features enables you to do more because it can handle exceptions like a pro. Take the example of TallyPrime. It enables you to include exceptions for various features, giving you more freedom to perform a range of accounting tasks. It supports multiple price levels, manages sales, and production types so you can run the software as you deem fit for your business. It also provides robust features that include exceptions so you don’t have to do anything manually and save hours on end for this purpose.

Data security

Data security is a must-have feature of a business accounting and management solution. Your business data should be accessible by only those who have the authority to do so. The software solution must enable you to grant user access. TallyPrime does this with ease. It gives you complete data security while giving you the freedom to securely access your data regardless of where you are. It enables user-level access to people at different positions so they have access to what they need instead of all the business data. This allows for better business management.

Reasonable price

The price is an important consideration you don’t want to turn a blind eye to. Take a good look at your budget and see if the software solution fits it. You don’t want to overspend on software that is difficult to use and overall complex. A solution like TallyPrime has a plethora of features that enable every business to succeed by recording transactions correctly, generating vital reports timely, and managing various aspects of your business. It is priced reasonably and enables you to get the best features.

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