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Stripe View

TallyPrime offers a robust platform that is tailor-made to suit the way you run your business. Irrespective of the volume of data, the data is well organised in your reports for better readability, ensuring better comprehension of the data. Each screen in TallyPrime is designed such that you can avoid distractions while entering data in vouchers or viewing data in reports.

To further elevate your experience of data entry and reports, TallyPrime introduces Stripe View - a flexibility that allows you to view and read several lines of data across multiple columns without any struggle. With Stripe View in TallyPrime, data in alternate rows will be displayed with a color band, thereby separating its view from the immediate previous and next rows. The row-wise stripes will eliminate the need for using the cursor to read the details in a row, along with enhancing the overall aesthetics of the screens. Besides, you can now enable Stripe View while exporting, printing, and sharing invoices and reports to highlight entries for easy viewing and understanding by your parties.


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Sort Bills by Due Date

Timely payments are an essential component of any business. Accordingly, TallyPrime has come up with an efficient bill management system that sorts your pending bills based on the Due Date. You will be able to easily sort the bills as per the order of receipt and act on them promptly.

Healthier Business

With the Bill Sorting feature, you have a simple and straightforward method for managing your pending bills. This will boost your business health in many ways, as you can plan and budget your funds with greater accuracy, reduce any financial risks arising from payment uncertainty, and streamline the overall Cash Flow.

Healthier Partnerships

The Bill Sorting feature will lead to timely payments and help in avoiding any late fees and penalties. Thereby, you can build a relationship of trust and commitment with your parties.


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Auto Backup

Ensure Business Continuity with Reliable Cloud Backups

Since financial data is integral to daily business operations, implementing a robust, automated cloud backup solution can mitigate the risks of data loss from unexpected technology failures.

Key Features:

  • Secure Cloud Storage: Store backups on Tally's secure cloud infrastructure, offering superior protection against hardware failures, fires.
  • Automated & Scheduled Backups: Schedule backups at your desired frequency
  • Flexible Restoration: Easily restore lost or corrupted data to any point in time, regardless of location, with both on-site and off-site backup versions available.
  • Exception Notifications: Receive real-time notifications for any backup issues, facilitating prompt action and minimizing downtime.


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TP on AWS – Digital Signature

In TPonAWS, we have allowed our customers to access all the features of TallyPrime by securely anytime, anywhere. Now, by enabling the digital signature integration feature in Tally Prime on AWS, we offer businesses like yours to sign the vouchers and reports document while you Export/ E-mailing documents as PDF and Saving documents as PDF while printing.


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Tally to Tally Migration – Zero Downtime

New Tally to Tally Zero Downtime Migration gives you a quick and easy way to move to a newer version of Tally from any earlier Tally versions starting from Tally 4.5. Users can continue working in the existing version while migrating the data to a newer version of Tally.

Key features

  • Concurrency- Concurrently work on Tally data while it migrated to a newer version.
  • Pause and resume functionality- You can pause and resume your migration job if needed.
  • Resume from point of failure- Your migration can be resumed from a point of failure for e.g the system got shut down during migration, the user can continue from where migration was stopped.
  • Resolution Frame- Migrate data with errors successfully and use the resolution to fix the data issues at a later stage.
  • Multiple company migration– You can select and migrate multiple companies' data from a single screen.

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Page Optimisation - International

Printing in TallyPrime is undoubtedly one of the most robust features that businesses rely on.

Generating invoice details varies with each transaction and can be a significant undertaking, especially with extensive invoices featuring multiple stock items spanning pages. TallyPrime introduces a solution – the ability to streamline invoice printing, conserving paper and reducing printing costs, all while maintaining the essential details.

Our optimization feature, already serving businesses in India, brings a range of benefits like:

  • Reduction in stationary cost (Printing paper, Ink)
  • Better readability of invoices due to less repetition
  • Reduces heavy offline documentation
  • More eco-friendly

We're delighted to announce the extension of TallyPrime's optimization feature tailored to meet the needs of international businesses. The key features of Page Optimization include the following:

  • Maximize the utility of paper space without compromising on invoice details
  • In cases of multiple page invoices, avoid the repetition of header details on each page and further optimise your printing
  • For GCC, these features can be availed for English as well as Arabic languages.


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Automated TDS calculations with 194Q

The all-new 194Q TDS implementation is designed to ensure comprehensive automation of TDS calculations, covering transactions, reports, and e-Returns. This eliminates the need for manual interventions for TDS calculations outside your regular accounting workflow.

Key features of 194Q implementation

  • TDS calculation Process: With new release, Tally will take care of the entire automation as per new methodology, of TDS calculation - over and above the threshold limit. There would be a unified implementation experience of the feature across the TDS calculation process until you generate your e-Returns.
  • Enhanced Party Advance Payments: Handling Party Advance Payments is now lot easier with Stat Adjustments. Such payments will now reflect accurately in 26Q and 27Q Reports.
  • Seamless re-grouping of existing TDS Nature of Payments: Introducing a robust Exception report where user can re-group TDS categories as per required structure in existing data.
  • Automated exemption handling: Stay assured that all the exemptions applicable u/s 194Q will now be handled through automation and will have its precise mapping in Reports and e-Return.

With the 194Q implementation in TallyPrime, along with other sections of TDS, Section 194Q will have a methodical implementation experience, avoiding all kinds of manual and external workflows.


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Connected GST

In an increasingly interconnected world, compliance is tightly integrated with data shared across multiple agencies. For example, e-Invoice and e-Way Bill data is transmitted from the National Informatics Centre (NIC) to the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) for GST returns. Building on the success of our online e-Invoice and e-way bill services, we will be introducing Connected GST, further simplifying your compliance journey.

Over the past five years, government agencies have made numerous enhancements to the GST systems, making them more robust, reliable, scalable, and comprehensive. The functionalities introduced in Release 3.0, such as faster GST returns, GSTR-1/2A/2B reconciliation, return effective date, and amendments, combined with the existing online offerings (e-Invoice and e-way bill) and improved technical infrastructure, provide a solid foundation for online GST returns and reconciliation.

Connected GST by Tally represents the culmination of these efforts, aimed at delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience to fulfil your return filing obligations.

Key features

  • Upload -GSTR-1/3B
  • Download and Reconcile -GSTR-1/2A/2B/3B.
  • File GSTR-1
  • Validate GSTIN


  • Connected GST is powered by Tally GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) with the promise of ‘Reliability’, ‘Availability’, ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Security’. Your sensitive business data is exchanged in an encrypted and secure mode.
  • With end-to-end coverage, now perform all your GST compliance activities from within Tally eliminating the need for any additional tools.
    • Experience the convenience of ‘single-click’ upload/download for single or multiple tax periods and single/multiple tax registrations.
    • Reconcile purchases in real-time (GSTR-2A) or based on monthly GSTR-2B return to claim the ‘right’ Input tax credit- the lifeblood of every business.
    • GSTR-2A recon helps you to pre-empt any discrepancies that may crop up later in GSTR-2B.
    • Only authorized users having sessions can perform online activities.
    • With Tally’s fabled exception handling abilities (prevention-detection-correction), stay rest assured on the accuracy of compliance data.
      • ‘Asynchronous’ approach ensures scenarios of power/system shutdown, loss of connectivity, and end of login session are not a cause of concern.
    • Validate GSTINs of all vendors/customers from within the Tally interface in real-time.
  • With books ‘in Sync’ with GST/e-Invoice/e-way bill, the audit will be a breeze.
  • Tally’s famed support ecosystem, simple interfaces, and timely updates are now enhanced with online GST adding more bang for your buck.

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