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For more than 30 years, we are obsessed with building simple and robust business management software to handle everyday business needs. We engineer the software that understands your business and manages everything the way you want. This makes millions of businesses use our software with absolute delight. With greater flexibility, TallyPrime adapts to your business, making your start to automation, or your switch to TallyPrime simpler.

A Powerful Companion for Your Business

TallyPrime, a complete business management software, designed to give you the best experience in managing accounting, inventory, manufacturing, cash flow and much more.


Insightful reports for confident business decisions

TallyPrime’s wide range of insightful reports, help you discover, analyze, and make confident and informed business decisions. The reports are accurate, designed to aid in analysis and so fast, that they are right there, when you need them. What’s more? You can personalize the reports as you want, based on your business requirements.Experience reports in browser with sample data.


Flexible system for optimal inventory management


TallyPrime is a flexible inventory management software that helps you manage optimum level of inventories, always. You can store and track inventories into multiple warehouses, quantify the stock the way you want, use multiple stock valuation methods, maintain re-order levels and much more to manage your inventories better. The wide variety of insightful reports help you manage, track, and forecast inventories.


Easy to track, analyze and optimize your business cost

TallyPrime helps you stay on top of all the business spending! Even when there is little expense, its powerful reports help you get actionable insights for on-time informed decisions. Cost centre and profit centre management, budget planning and tracking, business forecasting and much more, help you analyze spending and optimize your cost.


Comprehensive and powerful accounting system


TallyPrime makes recording and organizing the accounting information so simple that in no time you will be in greater control of your business, from invoicing to insights that matter business growth. Multiple billing formats, multiple currency support, flexible order processing system, effortless receivables and payable management, accurate financial reports, and much more make TallyPrime an easy, yet powerful accounting system.


Made for you

Simple to learn,
easier to use

Getting started with TallyPrime is extremely simple. You can setup the application in less than a minute, get started with invoicing even faster, view reports, operate the chart of accounts, multitask and do so much more. It just works the way you expect it to. What makes the experience even better is that you can explore the product easily and make the product do more for you with its intuitive navigation.

Your business, manage
it your way

Your business and its needs are unique to you. From things as simple as organizing stocks and customizing invoices your way to adapting a business process that suits you, TallyPrime helps you manage your business the way you want. What’s more? You are assured that your needs, as you grow, are easily handled. You can start with the features that you need and add more modules as your business grows.

Customizable reports,
yet fast and insightful

Want to modify the format of a report? With a host of configurations and analytical options, you can customize the display of information and personalize the view of the report the way you want. You can slice and dice your reports, and look at them, the way it suits your business. TallyPrime comes with a diverse set of readily available business reports, with numerous views and actionable insights, that help you make informed decisions for your business growth.

Why >2 million businesses trust us?

Trust of Business
Safe business data

Your business data is always safe and secure. Even when you encounter an adverse situation such as sudden shut down of your computer, none of your data is hampered. We have also ensured, that even in the most vulnerable situations, no one other than you can access your data.

Trust of Business
Real human support

TallyPrime has been designed such that you will rarely need any support or help in using the product. In case you do need help, you can use our in-product help to solve the issues yourself or directly reach us on call/mail. You are assured to get a prompt assistance from a Tally expert, free of cost, for lifetime.

Trust of Business
Future ready

Change is inevitable. Hence, we ensure that irrespective of the nature of change, we always bring you the latest updates to keep your business function as smooth as always.

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Trust of Business

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