Ms. Sheela Goenka
Co-Founder & Chairperson

Ms. Sheela Goenka succeeds Shri SS Goenka as the Chairperson of Tally. She has contributed to the growth of Tally to its present position as a market leader in India and one of the leading software brands in the world. In addition to handling several key corporate responsiblities, she has been instrumental in promoting Tally and expanding the company's footprint globally. Sheela provides stability, wisdom and practicality to the Tally leadership and management.

Mr. Bharat Goenka
Managing Director

Mr. Bharat Goenka is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Tally Solutions. Under his dynamic leadership, Tally has grown from an accounting package for small and medium businesses to a complete business software for all types and sizes of businesses.

A true technocrat, Mr. Goenka since his early days has diligently pursued his dream of simplifying the lives of Indian business people. He has pushed against all odds to create a definitive place for software product companies in the service oriented age and laid the foundation of the country's largest software channel. The fact that 'accounting on computers' is featured in every related syllabus can also be credited to Mr. Goenka, whose technological prowess and an undying zeal have been the major contributing factors in strengthening Tally's culture of innovation.

Mr. Goenka has always believed in and perpetuated the company's purpose "To make everyone who touches Tally Happier". His devotion to this purpose is clearly visible in the product that is simple to use yet continues to deliver path-breaking innovations. Not only has his vision touched his direct ecosystem of employees, partners and customers, but has affected the nation at large. In November 2011, NASSCOM honored Mr. Goenka with their first ever 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and the title of "The father of the Indian software product industry".

Mr. Tejas Goenka
Executive Director

Mr. Tejas Goenka is Executive Director at Tally Solutions. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer at University of Pennsylvania in the USA, Tejas was inducted into Tally right after his graduation in 2011.

As the executive and operations head, Tejas is at the helm of Tally's business direction and expansion.

He is completely committed to Tally's unique partner-led business model and recently championed a certification and growth-based model for channel engagement. He has a keen interest in Emerging Markets and the tremendous potential and scale of growth they offer.

Tejas enjoys reading, travelling and has an avid interest in Math. One of the major advantages of his role, according to Tejas, is the world of opportunities offered by Tally to address business challenges in terms of scale and consequently, the tremendous potential to impact the world in a positive way.

Mr. Vikash K Agarwal
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Vikash is a contributing architect of the award winning Tally Business Management application. His ability to provide technology solutions with simplicity of usage and powerful performance has contributed directly to the product’s popularity among businesses today. With a highly focused mind, Vikash plays a critical role between the business and technology fabric of the organisation.

Vikash has almost 18 years of IT experience and specialises in system-design and development on a wide variety of languages and platforms.Passionate for high quality mass market products, he has been delivering high tech products as an entrepreneur from his college days before he joined Tally.

Vikash is a graduate of commerce and has contributed to multiple technical journals around the world.