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TallyPrime powered by AWS helps you to securely access TallyPrime and your business data anytime, anywhere. It’s enabled by a virtual machine dedicated to your business that is made easily available via our strong network of partners. So, you get greater flexibility to collaborate with multiple users working on the same data, at the same time.

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Key offerings from TallyPrime powered by AWS:

  • Complete privacy and protection of business data guaranteed
  • Automatic & encrypted backup of data ensured
  • Secure from Virus, malware & ransomware
  • Accommodates increased data & user demands easily
  • Compliant with Indian statutory laws with locally hosted business data and backup servers

Why choose TallyPrime powered by AWS



You are familiar with the trust and simplicity of Tally products, and with AWS you will find expertise in cloud platforms. TallyPrime on AWS has been worked upon by teams at Tally & AWS to make sure it works for you anytime, anywhere. To know more about how AWS ensures high availability and security of data, you can visit this link.


Everything you need in one place


If you choose to go with this option, all you need to do is talk to your Tally partner about it. They will lead the entire engagement from requirements gathering to implementation and even offer post-sales support. You don’t need to consult multiple vendors for your solution or for any concern related to it.



TallyPrime on AWS will be available to you at very affordable price points, worked out especially for the needs of your business.




Not sure which usage plan works best for you? Need to add more users? Busy month? You can seamlessly upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you like, in a matter of minutes! A fully automated process will take care of your data and billing.

Platform Agnostic


The solution works across Windows, Mac, and Linux clients when accessed through a Chrome browser even when you have different systems with general configurations of either 64 bit or 32 bit across users and across office-home


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Which is the latest release of TallyPrime?

TallyPrime 4.1 is the latest release of TallyPrime. It is packed with powerful features, designed to ensure seamless business management.

What's new in TallyPrime 4.1?

TallyPrime has been enhanced in the latest version to manage payments efficiently, adhering to MSME compliance. Now, you can effortlessly identify and track the MSME payables for on-time processing. And the MSME can send timely reminders for their receivables before the due dates as per MSME payment rule.

What are the benefits of TallyPrime powered by AWS?

  • Accesss TallyPrime from anywhere
  • Greater flexibility of working on the same data collaboratively with all the users
  • Cost-effective solution to access TallyPrime virtually
  • Minimal infrastructure/expertise required for deployment

How do I access this solution (AWS)?

Each remote user will receive the log-in credentials and URL to access TallyPrime remotely. Using the credentials, the users can either access it using a tool/client or from a browser

What is the cost of TallyPrime powered AWS?

We have worked with AWS who are experts and leaders in the field of cloud technologies to offer you the best in terms of pricing, availability, scalability and security of your business data. For more info, visit

How do I purchase TallyPrime powered by AWS?

All you need to do is talk to your Tally partner and indicate your requirement. The partner will be your single point of contact, leading the engagement, suggesting and implementing the best solution based on your needs and offering you the required support.

Can I buy only TallyPrime powered AWS without a TallyPrime license?

No. You need to have an existing license or buy a single user or multi-user license of TallyPrime to access TallyPrime virtually.