TallyPrime: Complete GST Software for Indian Businesses

GST invoicing | Connected e-invoice & e-way bill solution | Auto-filled GST returns | GST reconciliation | Inventory management | Insightful business reports

Complete, connected and compliant GST software for your business

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Complete GST Software for Businesses

Effortless GST Management
with TallyPrime

Why TallyPrime is the best fit for your business?

Why TallyPrime is the best fit for your business?

  • GST Invoicing
  • GST Returns
  • GST Reconciliation
  • Accounting & Billing
  • Inventory Management

Simplified GST invoicing

  • Digitally signed GST-compliant tax invoices, bill of supply and much more
  • Connected system to create e-way bills and e-invoices instantly
  • In-depth insights into your compliance through detailed GST reports
  • Effortlessly manage multiple GSTINs in a single or multiple company
  • Manage different GST transactions such as reverse charge transactions, imports, advance receipts, SEZ and much more
Create GST Compliant Invoices using TallyPrime

Other features of TallyPrime

Create Business Report using GST Software

Business reporting

From a variety of insightful reports to analyzing and interpreting reports in a way that works best for your business, TallyPrime does it all.

Order & Delivery Management with TallyPrime

Order & delivery management

TallyPrime seamlessly accommodates a wide range of purchase and sales processes, guaranteeing accurate and current bookkeeping for an array of transactions, including orders and delivery challans.

Continuous Product Update in TallyPrime

Continuous product update

Get continuous product updates on TallyPrime to ensure support for new laws and changes.

Manage Security & Users in TallyPrime

Manage security & users

Get enhanced security by establishing various security levels, assigning user privileges according to roles, with TallyPrime's robust security and user management features.

Simplify GST filing, amplify business growth

TallyPrime your one-stop solution to all your GST compliance needs

Business reports in TallyPrime

With TallyPrime you get access to a wide range of reports that help analyze your business performance and improve decision-making.

e-Invoice Reports

  • Correction/missing/invalid information summary
  • Summary of e-invoice generated and pending
  • e-Invoice rejection report
  • e-Invoice register
  • e-Invoice cancelled report
e-Invoice Reports in TallyPrime


SILVER RENTAL Tally Partners

Single user edition
For Standalone PCs


INR 600

+18% GST (INR 108)



Single user edition
For Standalone PCs


INR 18,000

+18% GST (INR 3,240)


Zero cost EMI available

GOLD RENTAL Tally Partners

Unlimited multi-user edition
For multiple PCs on LAN environment


INR 1,800

+18% GST (INR 324)



Unlimited multi-user edition
For multiple PCs on LAN environment


INR 54,000

+18% GST (INR 9,720)


Zero cost EMI available

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Resource guide on GST software

Frequently Asked Questions on GST Software

TallyPrime GST Software is an integrated business management software designed to streamline financial operations and ensure GST (Goods and Services Tax) compliance for businesses. It helps businesses manage their accounting, inventory, and statutory requirements efficiently.

TallyPrime GST Software simplifies GST compliance by automating the process of generating GST returns, including GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and more. It ensures accurate and timely filing of GST returns, helping businesses stay compliant with the latest GST regulations.

Yes, TallyPrime is regularly updated to stay in compliance with the latest GST regulations and statutory changes. Users can be confident that the software is equipped to handle any updates or modifications in GST rules to ensure accurate and up-to-date compliance.

  • Ease of billing and generating GST-compliant invoice
  • Accurate GST Returns such as GSTR-1, GSTR 3B and GST CMP -08
  • Connected solution for seamless e-invoicing and generating e-way bills
  • Prevention, detection, and correction capabilities for error-free billing and return filing
  • Continuous product updates to keep you stay updated with statutory change

TallyPrime software is priced at Rs for a single user and Rs for multi-user access.

Yes, Tally provides a connected solution to streamline GST compliance management.

TallyPrime supports the management of multiple GSTNs (Goods and Services Tax Identification Numbers).