Looking for an Affordable Business Management Software? Opt for Tallyprime Starting as Low as Rs. 750

|Updated on: March 28, 2024

In the dynamic world of business, managing operations efficiently without breaking the bank is a challenge many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face.  

With budgets tight and expectations high, finding a solution that offers comprehensive features at an affordable price is similar to striking gold. Enter TallyPrime, your goldmine for business management software, offering all its features starting at just Rs /month.  

This cost-effective solution doesn't skimp on functionality, making it the ideal choice for businesses keen on optimizing their operations while maintaining fiscal prudence.  

Let’s talk about what functionalities you’ll get when you opt for TallyPrime as your business management software.


TallyPrime streamlines the e-invoicing process, making the creation of e-invoices as effortless as your existing invoicing workflow. It offers a built-in e-invoice solution that enables both single and bulk e-invoice generation, directly printing IRN and QR codes on the invoices. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), GSTN, and the e-way bill system, TallyPrime facilitates a streamlined process. It automates e-way bill creation during e-invoice generation for applicable invoices. This eliminates manual tasks, significantly simplifying your invoicing operations.

Inventory management 

For SMEs, inventory management can often become a tangled web of complexity. TallyPrime simplifies this with its robust inventory management features. Whether your business spans multiple storage locations or boasts a diverse product line, TallyPrime’s support for flexible units of measure and job work features provides essential insights into material and job status. Automated generation of reorder status reports ensures you always know what needs to be ordered, keeping your inventory optimally managed. 

Unlocking Business Insights: TallyPrime’s Intuitive and Powerful Dashboard

Import Data from Excel to TallyPrime

Intuitive and powerful dashboards

With TallyPrime's robust reporting dashboard, you can unleash the full potential of your data. Use graphs, figures, or a combination of both to present your company's information in an understandable visual format. The ability to create multiple dashboards, control user access, and share insights via email or WhatsApp, offers a comprehensive view of your business, enabling better decision-making through clear visual representation of data. 

Import data from Excel

TallyPrime's Excel import function is designed to make data migration a breeze. You can import all your ledger and transaction data from Excel into TallyPrime with just a few clicks without losing even a shred of your data. This saves you the time and effort required for manual data entry, reducing the risk of human errors. 

GST compliance and return filing

From GST filing to GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B reconciliation, TallyPrime makes the whole process hassle-free for you. Also, businesses who have opted for composition scheme can manage their compliance easily using TallyPrime. From recording Bill of Supply to generating GSTR-4/CMP-08 in the prescribed format, Tally makes it simpler and easier. 

Billing and accounting

You can easily generate, print, and e-mail invoices in mere seconds with the option to configure them with additional details. Inserting your company logo, and customizing the invoices according to your preferences is hassle-free with TallyPrime. It helps in ensuring that they align perfectly with your brand identity. 

And not just this. TallyPrime's advanced functionality effortlessly produces GST-compliant invoices. These include tax invoices, bills of supply, and export invoices, all tailored to regulatory requirements. It supports multiple billing formats to meet your business's unique needs. Whether your business deals with products or services, you can choose the most suitable invoice format. This selection ensures fast and accurate billing.

Cash and credit management

In TallyPrime, each invoice automatically receives a unique bill reference, simplifying tracking of outstanding amounts. When paying or receiving payments, simply refer to the bill. This way, you can quickly identify matching invoices and what remains pending.

Plus, with TallyPrime, checking how your cash is flowing and where your funds are at is just a click away. It's super handy for keeping an eye on your cash, planning ahead, and making sure your business runs smoothly without a hitch. 

Conclusion: An investment in efficiency 

TallyPrime stands out not just for its comprehensive suite of functionalities but for its affordability. Starting at just Rs /month, it's a small price to pay for the efficiency and optimization it brings to your business operations. Whether it's through seamless e-invoicing, detailed inventory management, insightful dashboards, or ensuring compliance and reconciliation, TallyPrime is the cost-effective solution your business needs to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Opt for TallyPrime, and take the first step towards streamlined business management without stretching your budget. 

Depending on the size and the business requirement, you can choose from different modules which Tally offers:

Silver Rental (Single user edition) INR /month (+% GST)
Silver Perpetual (Single user edition) INR (+% GST)
Gold Rental (Unlimited multi-user edition) INR (+% GST)
Gold Perpetual (Unlimited multi-user edition) INR (+% GST)
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