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|Updated on: May 30, 2024

1. Introduction

Goods and Services Tax or GST was introduced across the country on July 1, 2017. GST is a single tax that replaces several indirect taxes levied by both the State and the Central government. All businesses are required to assess whether the business is liable to register for GST and accordingly obtain GST registration.

To obtain GST registration, the business must make an application in Form Reg-01 and then needs to submit the required documents in Form Reg-02. Following the successful submission of the registration form, the taxation officer will carry out a series of verifications. Once the documents have been successfully verified, an ARN number will be articulated and sent to the registered email ID.

You can check the status of the GST registration by using the ARN number. Follow the step-by-step details mentioned below to check the GST registration status.

2. ARN Number: Does it Tell About the Status of GST Registration

  • ARN number under GST stands for Application Reference Number.
  • GST ARN number is generated on the GST Portal automatically on submission of a GST registration application.
  • This number can then be used for tracking the status of GST registration application until GST Certificate and GSTIN is issued by the Government.
  • GST ARN number is generated on the GST Portal after submission of a GST registration application.

So ARN number is like an Application form number which is allotted to applicants as a token for proof of registration under GST which is used to check the status of GST Registration.

3. How to Check the ARN Status?

Once you have obtained a GST ARN number, the status of the GST ARN can be checked online on the GST Portal. To check the GST ARN status, follow the steps below:

Step 1 :

Access GST Portal at

Step 2 :

In the main menu, click on Track GST registration status under Services.

Step 3 :

Enter the ARN number in the field provided and complete the CAPTCHA

Step 4 :

The status of ARN against the application submitted by you is displayed on the screen

4. How to Understand the ARN Status Message?

It is not necessary that all the applications filed by the applicants get the GST registration status there will be scenarios where the application is rejected by the officer or retained by the officer for want of more documents or for clarification on few points etc.

So let us see all those possible scenarios where an applicant may receive different status against the application made by him.



Interpreting the meaning

Scenario 1

Form Assigned to Approving Officer

It means that the GST application has been assigned to an Officer. The application is pending on the Government’s side with an Officer for processing.

Scenario 2

Pending for Clarification

It means that the processing officer has requested clarification on the GST registration application filed. It also means that the applicant should submit the clarification online through the GST Portal at the earliest

Scenario 3

Clarification Filed – Pending for Order

It means that a clarification has been filed by the applicant for the concerns raised by the GST Officer and he can expect an order soon.

Scenario 4

Clarification NOT Filed – Pending for Order

It means that the clarification was not filed by the applicant within the time provided and An order rejecting the GST registration application will most likely be passed by the GST Officer.

Scenario 5

Application Approved

It means that the GST registration application has been approved by the GST Officer and The applicant will receive the GSTIN shortly.

Section 6

Application Rejected

It means that the GST registration application has been rejected by the GST Officer and The applicant will have to apply again if he needs a GST registration.

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