How to amend or modify e-invoices?

how to modify or amend e-invoice
|Updated on: August 9, 2023

I have made a mistake in the invoice and have already generated an e-invoice. Can I modify the e-invoice? I have made incorrect or wrong data entry; can I modify the e-invoice and correct the details? These are some of the frequent and common situations that some of us must have come across ever since e-invoicing was introduced.

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No matter how conscious you are while invoicing, sometimes it just happens and that puts you in a situation that requires you to edit or modify the e-invoice. While situations seem to happen, but the important question is that can e-invoices be modified or edited after IRN and QR code are already generated.

The answer is ‘No’.

Yes! Once the IRN is generated for an invoice, the e-invoice cannot be modified, amended, or deleted. Now, you might be wondering since you know that e-invoice details are incorrect, and it cannot be modified? Are there any other options? Yes, there are options to correct the e-invoice details other than modifying the e-invoice.

And taxpayers cannot cancel e-invoices issued after 24 hours, according to the e-invoicing guidelines. If the taxpayer desires to make adjustments to the e-Invoice, the only way to alter or cancel the invoices is to produce debit/credit notes. After the time restriction for cancelling an e-invoice has passed, you must utilize the debit or credit note to invalidate the invoice information. Next, create a new invoice and a new IRN.

Options to amend or modify e-invoice

Cancel e-invoice

In all those situations that require e-invoice modification, the only option that can be used is to cancel the IRN generated with wrong information. In simple words, you need to cancel the e-invoice that is generated with wrong details. Later, record a new invoice with the correct details and upload it to generate fresh IRN. Remember, you cannot use the same invoice number, it should be a new number and more importantly, cancellation is allowed before 24Hrs from the time IRN is generated.

Read ‘How to cancel e-invoice’ to know the cancellation process and the guidelines associated with it.

Debit Note and Credit Note

Beyond the time limit to cancel e-invoice, you need to use the debit note or credit note to nullify the invoice information. Next, record a new invoice and generate fresh IRN.

Modification in GST Portal

Modification cannot be done on the IRP but necessary changes for the invoice details reported on the IRP can be done through the GST portal while filing GSTR-1. Since the IRP systems are interconnected with the GST system, as soon the e-invoice is generated, the details of invoice will be auto-populated in GSTR-1 which can be modified.

The above are the options that can be used to modify the e-invoice. Based on the nature of modification and situation, you can choose any of the option to modify the e-invoice details.

FAQs on e-invoice modification or amendments

  • Can IRN/e-invoice be deleted or modified?

The IRN, once generated cannot be modified or deleted. However, if IRN is generated with wrong information, it can be cancelled. Once cancelled, the same invoice (with the same number) can’t be reported again for generation of IRN. The cancellation is required to be done within 24 hours from the time of generation.

  • What should I do If there is a mistake or incorrect data entry in the e-invoice?

If there is a mistake, incorrect or wrong entry in the e-invoice, it cannot be edited or corrected. The only option is to cancel that invoice/IRN and upload a new invoice (with a new number) and generate a fresh IRN.

  • Can I partially cancel the e-invoice?

E-Invoice/IRN can’t be partially cancelled. It must be fully cancelled within 24 hours from the time of IRN generation.

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