E-way Bill Registration

|Updated on: April 25, 2023


The e-way bill has 4 primary stakeholders – suppliers, recipients, transporters and tax officers. The first three parties are involved in the conveyance of a consignment from the source to the destination, while the tax officers are responsible for ensuring that the consignment is accounted for by both the suppliers and the recipients. Therefore, both registered businesses and unregistered transporters must complete e-way bill registration on the e-way bill portal to be able to generate e-way bills, which is now a very crucial element for transporting or shipping of goods.

E-way bill registration online for registered businesses

The steps to register for the e-way bill, for registered businesses are as follows:

  • Keep the GSTIN and Mobile No. registered with the GST portal ready
  • Log on to ewaybill.nic.in
  • Click on "e-Way Bill Registration"
  • Enter GSTIN number and click "Go"
  • Once the request is submitted, one will be redirected to an e-way bill registration form
  • In the form, "Applicant Name", "Trade Name", "Address" and "Mobile Number" will be auto-populated
  • Click on "Send OTP", in order to get the OTP on the registered mobile number. Once the OTP is received, enter the OTP on the system. Next, click on "Verify OTP", post which the OTP will be validated, and all the details will be verified on the e-way bill portal
  • Provide a User ID or User Name, in order to operate the newly created account on the e-way bill portal. Please note, that the username should include about 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters and can include special characters as well. Once a request for the same is submitted, the e-way bill portal will validate whether the given User ID or User Name exists or not
  • Once the User ID or User Name is approved by the e-way bill portal, provide a Password. Please note, that the password will need to have a minimum of 8 characters, which could be alphanumeric and could also include special characters. Please note, that the Password will be case-sensitive
  • Once both User ID / User Name and Password are validated and approved, the final registration request is submitted. If there is any error, the system will pop up the appropriate error message. Else, if all is fine, the User ID / User Name along with the Password is created and registered with the e-way bill portal, thus completing the process of e-way bill registration

E-way bill registration online for unregistered transporters

An unregistered taxpayer, will not have a GSTIN, using which one may register for the e-way bill on the portal. Thus, they will need to use the alternative method of e-way bill registration i.e. using the business details.

The steps to register for e-way bill, for unregistered transporters are as follows:

  • Keep the business details ready
  • Log on to ewaybill.nic.in
  • Click on "Enrolment for Transporters"
  • On doing so, an e-way bill registration form will appear, which will have some compulsory fields (marked as *) and some non-compulsory fields. The form will ask for the following business details:
    • Select your State*(Select from a drop-down menu)
    • Legal Name*(Enter Name as per PAN)
    • Trade Name, if any
    • PAN* - After entering the PAN No., click the "Validate" button, post which one will be allowed to fill the other fields
    • Type of Enrolment* (Warehouse/Depot, Godown, Cold Storage OR Transport Services)
    • Constitution of Business* (Foreign Company, Partnership, Proprietorship, Public Limited, Private Limited, Unlimited OR Others)
    • Particulars of Principal Place of Business
    • Building No. / Flat No.*
    • Floor No.*
    • Name of the Premises / Building*
    • Road / Street*
    • City / Town / Locality / Village*
    • Taluka / Block*
    • District*
    • PIN Code*
    • State*
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
  • Contact Information(the email address and mobile number will be used for authentication)
    • Email Address
    • Telephone Number with STD
    • Fax Number with STD
  • Nature of Premises(Own, Leased, Rented, Consent, Shared OR Others)
  • Do you have Aadhar number of Proprietor or Main person of Company / Firm (Select "Yes" OR "No")
    • If "Yes" is selected, tick a box authorising the GSTN to obtain one's details from UIDAI for the purpose of verification
    • Aadhar No* (Prop. or Main person of Company / Firm)
    • Name*(As per Aadhar)
    • Mobile No* (As per Aadhar) – Once Mobile No. is entered, click on the "Verify Detail & Send OTP" button, post which an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number
    • Verify OTP Received from Aadhar* - Once the OTP is received and entered, click on the "Verify OTP" button, which will complete the Aadhar verification process
  • Upload
    • Address Proof (Click "Choose file" to browse and then click "Upload". There is no file format or file size specified, however either PDF or JPEG can be uploaded)
    • ID Proof(Click "Choose file" to browse and then click "Upload". There is no file format or file size specified, however either PDF or JPEG can be uploaded)
  • Login Details
    • User Name*
    • Password*
    • Confirm Password*
  • Verification* – Here, tick a box, confirming that all the details provided are correct
  • Click "Save"
  • Once the form is submitted, the e-way bill portal will generate a 15 digit Transporter ID or TRANS ID, along with the user credentials, thus completing the process of e-way bill registration
  • Now the transporter can provide this 15 digit Transporter ID to his clients, so that when they include that in the e-way bill, the transporter will be able to access the same on the e-way bill portal and enter the vehicle number, for the movement of the consignment

E-way Bill Registration FAQs

Do I need to register on e-way bill portal if I have already registered in GST Portal?

Yes, you must register again on the e-way bill portal using your GSTIN. Once you enter GSTIN, the portal will send you an OTP using which you can generate your username and password for the e-way bill system.

What should I do if the e-way bill portal is displaying the wrong address or mobile number while trying to register?

The error will occur if you have recently updated your business registration details in the GST Common Portal. You can resolve the issue by clicking on the ‘Update from Common Portal’ button in the e-way bill portal dashboard.

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