Amendment of details which are blocked for Online Modification

Tally Solutions | Updated on: December 30, 2021


Once the registration form is approved by the FTA, if there are any changes in the details submitted while applying for registration, these need to be immediately reported and modified by the taxpayers. If there are any changes or additions related to Business Activities, GCC Activities, and Customs Registration Information, they can easily be done online by logging into the FTA portal. These changes do not require an approval from the FTA and you can do it by editing the details previously submitted.

To know more about the details which can be modified online, please read Online Amendment or Change in Registration Details in UAE VAT. In this article, we will understand the registration details which cannot be modified online and the steps to be followed to modify these details.

The registration details of the following sections are blocked for online modification:

  • About the applicant: This section includes details such as, basis of applying for registration, Trade License, registering mandatorily or voluntarily and creating or joining the tax group
  • Details of the applicant: This is applicable for two sub-sections, "Name of the applicant" and "Identification of the applicant" under details of the applicant section. The name of the applicant includes details such as the Legal name of the entity (both in English and Arabic)and the Trade Name. Identification of the applicant section consists of authority who issued the trade license, trade license number, scanned copies of trade license and details of a certificate of incorporation.
  • Contact details: This section consists of business contact details such as address and contact number.
  • Banking details: This section includes details of your bank such as IBAN (Account Number), BIC (Bank Identifier Code) name of the bank, bank branch name, account holders name and default payment method.
  • Business relationships (optional) : This sections consist of senior management relationships details and only applicable if you or any of your directors or partners, currently involved in (or in the past 5 years have been involved in) any other business resident in the UAE, either individually or as a director or partner in that business.
  • About the VAT registration section: The following sub-sections cannot be amended:
    • a. Actual or estimated financial transaction values
    • b. Imports and Exports
    • c. Exception from VAT Registration
  • Declaration: This includes the details of authorized signatory and communication preference of the taxpayer.

To know in detail about the fields available in each of the above sections, please read How to Apply for VAT Registration in UAE.

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