Payroll Management

Streamlining employee payouts with unmatched ease

Payroll accounting & salary processing

Payroll accounting & salary processing

Manage employee payroll in a smart way with TallyPrime. A collection of predefined processes in TallyPrime enables error-free automation of payroll process. Further, you can view and handle exceptions effortlessly.

Payroll accounting

Multiple employee grouping

Multiple Employee Grouping

Multiple employee grouping

Using TallyPrime, you can classify employees based on different parameters, such as their job function, department, location, cadre/designation, and so on. You can also define salary structures at the Employee Group level to apply a common salary structure for entire department such as Marketing, R&D, Sales, and Accounts.

Flexible attendance/production types

Flexible attendance/production types

Attendance/production types are used to compute the employee pay and track their presence/productivity. Using TallyPrime, you can create multiple attendance types such as days which are paid (Present, Sick Leave, EL, CL etc.), unpaid (absent LOP), on production (piece work) and so on.

Flexible Attendance
Payroll Management - TallyPrime

Even more, features to manage payroll and related compliance

  • Easy to define and process fixed and flexible pay-outs to the employees.
  • Multiple Calendar type such as fixed days, as per calendar etc. to suit your requirements.
  • Manage and Generate SIF file.

Business reports in TallyPrime

With TallyPrime, you get access to a wide range of reports that help you analyse business performance and improve decision-making. What’s more? You can access business reports on your mobile or any device, from anywhere. Experience now with the sample data.

Accounting Reports
  • Ledger reports
  • Cash/bank books
  • Purchase/sales register
  • Bills receivables
  • Bills payables
  • Bills ageing analysis

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