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Who We are

We are a technology company. Delivering business software for small and medium businesses is our passion.


Our Story

Tally Solutions is a pioneer in developing software for small and medium businesses. Simplicity, reliability, speed and flexibility are built into our products to let our customers get unmatched product experience. More than 30 years of experience in developing software for compliance in different tax environments backs our product design as well. Our products are trusted by over 1.3 million customers worldwide. We aspire to make the lives of everyone who touches Tally happier!

Our Legacy

30 years ago, Shri Shyam Sundar Goenka moved out of Kolkata and set up his textile business in Bangalore, which supplied raw material and machinery to textiles mills. During the course of his business, Shri S.S Goenka wanted to automate his accounting operations but found the existing accounting software to be extremely complicated and difficult to use. With a vision to simplify his accounting operations, Shri S.S Goenka suggested his son, Bharat Goenka, to develop an accounting solution which led to the creation of a product that was extremely simple to use and powerful in performance.

Tally Solutions was founded in 1986. Till date, our products continue to exemplify simplicity, speed, reliability and flexibility to give our customers an unmatched intuitive product experience. We work relentlessly to provide simplified and powerful business management applications for businesses in India and abroad.

Our Goal

To be the technology fabric that drives the economic growth of the world, by 2030.

We believe that 'velocity of money' is key to driving economic growth. Hence, in order to achieve our goal, our technologies will be centered around simplifying commerce for people all over the world and making it easier for people to transact. This will ensure that more value gets added, more gets demanded, more is spent, and more is earned. A faster cycle is a winning situation for all stakeholders and creates a happier world.

Our Purpose

"To make everyone who touches Tally happier" is a way of life at Tally Solutions. The purpose of our existence is to make the person or entity we connect with 'happier.'

Our purpose acts as the guiding light for everything we do; our technology, our policies, our operations and our behavior. When we constantly strive to make 'everyone' 'happier', it brings in new dimensions to our thinking. Our purpose remains the most indispensable part of our actions and helps us continuously add value to people's lives.


The Central Leadership Team (CLT) at Tally brings together thought leaders with years of leadership experience to guide the company and prepare it for a successful future. As guardians of brand Tally, the members of CLT provide strategic direction to the entire organisation with inputs ranging from technology to human resources. In addition, each member adds to the Tally success story in their own way with unique values and cross-industry learnings.

Ms. Sheela Goenka

Ms. Sheela Goenka succeeds Late Shri SS Goenka as the Chairperson of Tally Solutions along with guiding the corporate HR for the company. She has contributed to the growth of Tally to its present position as a market leader in India and one of the leading software brands in the world. In addition to handling several key corporate responsibilities, she has been instrumental in promoting Tally and expanding the company's footprint globally. Sheela provides stability, wisdom and practicality to the Tally leadership and management.

Mr. Bharat Goenka
Vice Chairperson

Mr. Bharat Goenka is the Vice Chairperson of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A technocrat at heart, he established Tally Solutions (earlier known as Peutronics) in 1986, under the guidance of his father Late Shri SS Goenka, to leverage technology to help entrepreneurs manage their business better. Under his dynamic leadership, Tally has grown from an accounting package for SMEs to a complete business software for all types and sizes of businesses.

A mathematics graduate, Mr. Goenka invests most of his time in giving design inputs for the company’s future products and technologies. Honoured by NASSCOM with their first ever 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and the title of "The father of the Indian software product industry", he was also conferred with M Visvesvaraya Memorial Award in 2017.

Mr. Tejas Goenka
Managing Director

Mr. Tejas Goenka is the Managing Director at Tally Solutions. He spearheads the Research, Engineering, Product Management, Strategy, and Business Development functions in the company along with Tally Education Pvt Ltd. An alumnus of University of Pennsylvania, he was inducted into Tally in 2011.

Tejas focuses his efforts on bringing in greater strategic and operational effectiveness across the organization. At Tally, he sees a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of entrepreneurs and billions of individuals across the globe

Ms. Nupur Goenka
Executive Director

Nupur Goenka is the Executive Director at Tally Solutions and guides Corporate Finance, Corporate Information Systems and Cloud Operations in the company. In her current role, she aims to streamline and drive the various functions in line with the 2030 goal of the company.

She is also the Managing Director and Co-founder of Clustr, a big data and analytics subsidiary of Tally Solutions. Nupur bootstrapped Clustr in 2013 with a mission to empower Indian MSMEs by democratizing the access to data and offering insights that are affordable, consumable, relevant, reliable and timely.

A Northwestern University alumnus she holds a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Business Studies.