How to Register for Corporate Tax in the UAE

 | Updated on: April 3, 2024

Under the Federal Decree Law 47, as mandated by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), all entities subject to corporate tax, including those within Free Zones, must obtain a Corporate Tax Registration Number. This includes Exempted Persons, who are also obligated to register.  

Entities must submit their Corporate Tax returns and settle any due taxes within nine months following the conclusion of the tax period to which the return corresponds. 

Businesses obligated to comply with the UAE's corporate tax provisions must complete their registration via the EmaraTax platform. 

Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Log into your EmaraTax account with your credentials or through the UAE Pass. If you're new to EmaraTax, create an account by clicking the ‘sign up’ button. 
  2. Once logged in, you'll see a screen listing Taxable Persons linked to your profile. If no Taxable Persons are linked, you'll need to add one. 
  3. To start the Corporate Tax registration process, select ‘Register’ on the Corporate Tax section within the dashboard. 
  4. A page with registration guidelines will appear. Read through, accept the guidelines by checking the box, and click ‘Start’ to begin the application. 
  5. Choose your business's ‘Entity Type’ from the dropdown in the entity details section, which will adjust the form fields accordingly. 
  6. Fill in all required fields and click ‘Next Step’ to move on to the ‘Identification Details’ section. 
  7. Use the ‘Add Business Activities’ button to input details about your business activities related to your trade license. Ensure all mandatory information is entered before adding it to your application. 
  8. For entities with ownership of 25% or more by any individual or entity, click ‘Add Owners’ to include these details. Each owner's mandatory information must be provided before adding. 
  9. If your business operates through branches, select ‘Yes’ to add and detail each local branch, including trade license details and associated business activities and owners. 
  10. Go to the ‘Contact Details’ section by clicking ‘Next Step’, where you'll enter your business's registered address and other contact information. 
  11. Advance to the ‘Authorized Signatory’ section, click ‘Add Authorized Signatory’ to provide details of individuals authorized to act on behalf of the business, and click ‘Add’. 
  12. After ensuring all mandatory fields are completed, proceed to the ‘Review and Declaration’ section by clicking ‘Next Step’. 
  13. Review all information provided in the application thoroughly. Mark the checkbox to declare the accuracy and completeness of the information. 
  14. Finalize your registration by clicking ‘Submit’ to send your Corporate Tax Registration application through the EmaraTax portal. 
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This process ensures a comprehensive and professional approach to fulfilling your UAE corporate tax registration obligations. 

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