Oman VAT Registration Guide for Persons with CRN

Pratibha Devasenapathy | Updated on: October 26, 2021

VAT being an indirect tax, the levy of tax is going to be at the transactional level. In other words, when you make a taxable supply, you need to calculate the VAT at 5%. That’s exactly what all the registered businesses in Oman started doing from 16th April, 2021.

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In this article, let’s understand the process of VAT registration for persons with commercial registration number aka CRN.

According to the registration process guide, only those with a “commercial registration number” (CRN) can register for VAT through the tax authority’s online portal. Domestic persons and non-residents with no CRN must complete other registration forms that are available on the Oman tax authority’s website and then submit these forms to the Oman tax authority via a specified email address.

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The registration process guide and the forms were provided after the Oman tax authority decided for a “staggered” registration schedule for those required to register for VAT (the schedule is based on monetary thresholds).

Those eligible for voluntary VAT registration may apply for registration anytime on or after 1 February 2021. Persons with an annual turnover exceeding OMR 1 million started applying for VAT registration during the period from 1 February 2021 to 15 March 2021.

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How to register for VAT for persons with CRN

Only persons with Commercial Registration number (CRN) may register through the online portal. Persons with no CRN must complete the form available on the Tax Authority’s website and send it via email.

Step 1: When logged in to portal select Taxpayer Registration.

How to register for VAT for persons with CRN

Step 2: In the field “Commercial Registration No”, enter commercial registration number of the company and then select “Register” button.

VAT registration process with CRN

Step 3: Taxpayer Registration” window will appear. From the drop-down list of “Type of Registration” select “Value Added Tax Liability Registration” and then select “Continue” button.

Oman VAT registration guide for persons with CRN

Step 4: If successful, system will display “New Registration of VAT Liability" form. Fill the required fields with the correct information.

New Registration of VAT Liability form

New Registration of VAT Liability

Step 5: Select “Add new activity” button to mark activity as main or to add more activities.

Select add new activity for VAT registration with CRN

Step 6: System will display “Activity” Window. Tick the “Main Activity” checkbox and fill the required fields (Activity and Date of commencement of Activity) and select “Add and close” button.

Fill activity window for VAT registration with CRN

Step 7: Fill the required fields and select “Save Draft” at the end of the form

Step by step process to register for VAT for persons with CRN

Step 8: Select “Attachment” to add the necessary attachments. You can also add as many attachments as you need, by selecting the “Add new attachments” option

New registration of VAT liability

Step 9: Fill with the needed information and select “Save and Close”. Once you save you will see “Submit” Button (Available in “Application form” tab), select that to submit your form

Process of VAT registration guide for persons with CRN

Step 10: Select “Print Decision” and Select “Print VAT Certificate” from the E-services page and you’re done!

Print Oman VAT registration certificate

Applications are reviewed carefully by the OTA and more information may be requested from applicants.

Once the VAT registration certificate is obtained, the following actions would be required –

  • The VAT registration certificate must be clearly displayed at every location in which the activity is conducted
  • The VAT identification number must be included in all documents issued, such as tax invoices, communications, and all other documents issued by the taxable person.

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