GST ITC 04 - How to File ITC 04, ITC 04 Form and its Due Date
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What is GST ITC-04?

ITC – 04 under GST is a form which has to be furnished by registered manufacturers, showing the details of inputs or capital goods dispatched or received from a job worker in a particular quarter.

What are the details to be furnished in ITC -04 under GST?

The details of the following 4 types of transactions need to be furnished in Form ITC-04 under GST:

  • 1. Inputs or Capital goods dispatched to job workers in the quarter
  • 2. Inputs or Capital goods received from job workers in the quarter
  • 3. Inputs or Capital goods sent from one job worker to another job worker in the quarter
  • 4. Inputs or Capital goods supplied from the premises of job workers in the quarter

What is the GST ITC-04 due date?

The regular deadline for GST ITC-04 filing will always be the 25th of the month succeeding a quarter. However, given that businesses were yet to familiarise themselves with the GST processes, the GST Council had extended the GST ITC-04 last date for the quarter July- September 2017 - from 25th October 2017 to 31st December 2017. For October – December 2017, the GST ITC-04 due date was 25th January, 2018 and for January – March 2018, the GST ITC-04 due date was 25th April, 2018. The next date for filing GST ITC-04 will be 25th July, 2018 for the quarter April – June 2018.

There is no GST ITC-04 late fees as such. However, is a manufacturer does not furnish the details in time, his ITC will be affected.

How to file GST ITC-04 in the GST Portal?

  • 1. The first step is to download the GST ITC-04 offline tool, from the GST Portal. One can do this by visiting the GST Portal, and then clicking Downloads > Offline Tools > ITC-04 Offline Tool
  • 2. The offline tool will be downloaded in the computer as a .zip file
  • 3. Once the GST ITC-04 download is complete, one needs to extract the contents of the .zip file, which is basically an excel file, comprising 3 worksheets. The details need to be entered into this excel file, and for this, internet connection is not required
    • a. Worksheet 1 – Import Export File – is used to import the data file already uploaded in the GST portal or the error file generated after upload of data in the portal. This can be used to modify the details uploaded in the GST portal before filing of Form ITC-04 under GST
    • b.Worksheet 2 – Mfg to JW – is used to enter the details of inputs or capital goods sent to job worker
    • c.Worksheet 3 – JW to Mfg – is used to enter the details of inputs or capital goods received back from job workers or sent from one job worker to another or supplied from the job worker’s premises
  • 4. Once the details are entered in a sheet, one needs to click "Validate Sheet"
  • 5. If any errors are found, the same will be shown along with the details in the column "Errors". One can make the required corrections and validate the data again. Each row entered in the sheet should show "This row is validated" in the column "Errors"
  • 6. After successful validation, one should click "Generate file to upload", upon which the file will be generated in JSON format. That file should be saved in the computer
  • 7. Post this, one should upload the JSON file, to the GST portal. One can do this by visiting the GST portal, using one's username and password, and clicking Services > Returns > ITC Forms
    • a. GST ITC-04 should be selected, and "Prepare Offline" should be clicked
    • b. The financial Year and return filing period should be selected, followed by clicking "Search"
    • c. Next, one should click "Choose File" and select the JSON file from the computer to be uploaded, post which it will be validated by the portal
  • 8. If any errors are found, an error file will be generated, which should be downloaded from the portal. As discussed above, one should then, open the ITC-04 offline tool and in the "Import Export file" sheet, click "Import data from File" to import the error file and make the necessary modifications
  • 9. Once, all these steps are complete, one is ready to file GST ITC-04. To do this, once should click "Initiate Filing", select the financial year and return filing period, and then click "File Return". One can authenticate the file using DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) or EVC (Electronic Verification Code) and then submit the return.

In conclusion, it can be said that Form ITC-04 under GST is indeed an important form for all principal manufacturers, who should ensure to furnish details of inputs or capital goods sent or received during the quarter, so that they can claim the right Input Tax Credit.