Attendance 2.0: Revolutionizing Office Check-ins with Smartphones and Wi-Fi

attendance tracking with wifi and smartphone
|Updated on: November 22, 2023

Are you part of that ‘employee-friendly’ organization, where the door does not really open for you unless you swipe that magical card? Exactly! We are talking about the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card that grants you access to your workplace. RFID cards use radio frequency signals to wirelessly transmit data between the card and a reader, enabling seamless and automated tracking of employee presence. The idea of radio frequency signals marking you ‘present’ might sound fascinating, but we would say otherwise! 

Wonder why? Here are our good reasons for the same: 

  • Budget buster: The costs involved in implementing & maintaining RFID readers, procurement of cards and associated infrastructure is quite high; executing it for all employees across all office locations can burn a hole in the pocket 
  • Privacy & security concerns: Lack of ample protection & encryption can pave way to unsolicited data breaches 
  • Data collision: Too many RFID cards in a close proximity can mean overlapping signal causing data collision 
  • Interference: RFID signals can be subject to interference from other electronic devices or metal objects, leading to communication issues between the card and the reader 

So, do we mean to say that we should go back to the old-fashioned signature scribbling on attendance registers? Definitely not, we have an extremely sophisticated yet ultra-simple way to tackle this! 

Smartphones & Wi-Fi as an alternative to RFID 

A few years ago, we (the CIS team at Tally) brainstormed in length and breadth several possibilities to reimagine the office attendance system. The approach was laser-focused on creating a streamlined and user-friendly attendance system. Recognizing that all employees possess smartphones and frequently connect to the office Wi-Fi, we embarked on designing a solution that capitalizes on this existing infrastructure. 

flow-chart for Wi-Fi connectivity in office

Automatically capturing Wi-Fi connectivity data as employees enter the office premises, the system records in-time within minutes of connection. This seamless process requires no action from the employee. Out-time is similarly logged based on the latest Wi-Fi range interaction with the employee's mobile device on that specific day. 

Codes to crack: The challenges with the new system 

Overcoming Wi-Fi Access Challenges was no Small Feat! Some employees logged in with multiple devices, while others left devices permanently in the office. Our solution? Employing Media Access Control address or MAC ID! No two devices in the world would have the same MAC ID, making it a unique device identifier. The MAC ID was meticulously linked to each employee. This single device not only grants Wi-Fi access but also serves as their reliable attendance tool. 

In certain scenarios, employees work remotely from the field or home, or they might opt not to utilize the office Wi-Fi network. To cater to these situations, we have developed a user-friendly mobile app that empowers them to check-in and check-out on the go. With this app, attendance tracking becomes effortless, regardless of their physical location. Moreover, the app offers the added convenience of converting attendance records at a later time, granting flexibility to update attendance entries when necessary. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with our existing attendance system, ensuring accurate and reliable tracking, even for employees operating outside the traditional office environment. 

Next-level efficiency: The impact of Wi-Fi and smartphones on attendance tracking

Our innovative shift brought several advantages over the traditional RFID attendance tracking. Some of the most prominent ones are enlisted below. 

1. A cost-efficient marvel

RFID cards might have drained the budget, but Wi-Fi and smartphones save the day! Our future-forward solution minimizes hardware costs, reduces maintenance expenses, and streamlines administrative overheads. 

2. Enhanced accuracy, reduced effort

Wi-Fi connectivity data automatically marks in and out times with precision. No more tedious record-keeping or error-prone manual entries—the system takes care of it all, like clockwork! 

3. Attendance from anywhere

With Wi-Fi and smartphones, employees carry their attendance solution right in their pockets. our mobile app lets them breeze through attendance with a tap, whether they're on-site, at home, or on the go!

4. Seamless scalability!

As we soar to new heights, our attendance solution soars with us! Wi-Fi and smartphones offer limitless scalability, ensuring that as our organization expands, attendance tracking remains seamless and stress-free.

5. Eco-friendly impact

Sustainability, indeed, is our commitment. Avoiding RFID cards for virtual attendance, we're reducing plastic waste and embracing a greener, more eco-conscious approach. 

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