VAT Registration Deadline in Bahrain

Tally Solutions | Updated on: December 30, 2021

1st January 2019, is the date on which VAT in Bahrain will be implemented. With this note, a step forward to make businesses to enrol into the VAT system, VAT registration in Bahrain has started. VAT registration in Bahrain is in a phased manner and accordingly, the VAT registration due dates are different for different businesses.

In our earlier article we have discussed, Who should register under VAT in Bahrain?. In this article, we will understand the VAT Registration Deadline in Bahrain and the type of business who should get registered before January, 2019.

VAT Registration Due Date in Bahrain

In Bahrain, businesses whose annual turnover exceeds 37,500 BHD or anticipate to exceed BHD 37,500 should mandatorily register under VAT. While this remains true, the VAT authorities in Bahrain have decided to introduce the VAT registration in a phased manner and registration due dates are also been worked out on this basis.

The phased manner of registration mandates the larger business to register first and remaining businesses later. The following table details the VAT registration requirements for different businesses and VAT registration Due Date.


As mentioned in the above table, only the larger businesses are invited to register in the first phase of VAT registration. The larger businesses with the annual supplies exceeding BHD 5,000,000 are mandated to register in the first phase with the due date of 20th December,2018. In the second phase, the business with the annual supplies value exceeding BHD 500,000 should register within 20th June,2019. In the third phase, all the remaining business whose annual supplies exceeds BHD 37,500 should register by 20th December,2019.

Over and above this, Voluntary VAT registration is available for businesses even if the annual supplies are less than the mandated registration threshold limit. Voluntary registration is optional, and you can register if your annual supplies exceed BHD 18,750.

Key points for VAT Registration in Bahrain

  • Calculate the VAT registration threshold considering the supplies made by you.
  • Check your turnover profile and accordingly determine the due date for VAT registration, applicable for your businesses.
  • In order to register for VAT, businesses must create NBT profile with National Bureau for Taxation (NBT). Click Here to create your NBT profile,
  • Go through the Registration form and keep all the mandatory details or documents required for completing the registration online. Click Here to access the registration form.

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