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|Updated on: May 23, 2022

E-way bills are generated by businesses when transporting goods amounting to more than Rs. 50,000 (depending on the state) within a state or between two states.

When you use an e-way bill generation software for your business, it is crucial that it gives you the flexibility to generate a single or bulk e-way bills, depending on the business need. For example, it may not be possible for you to generate E-Way Bills the moment you record a transaction, since you might be freighting the goods few days later or the vehicle may not be ready to transport the goods.

A user can generate a single consignment while recording the invoice or in bulk for multiple invoices, altogether. Businesses can generate bulk e-way bills using TallyPrime. You may be generating multiple e-Way Bills daily for the movement of consignments worth either Rs. 50,000 or more or the value prescribed by each state. You may be availing the transporter details of all the consignments later in the day.

And therefore, you would want to generate e-Way Bills for all the transactions at the end of the day.

How to generate bulk e-Way Bills using TallyPrime

With TallyPrime, you have a facility to generate e-way bills in bulk using the option Send for e-Way Bill under Exchange on the top menu.

  • Once you click on Exchange on the Top Menu, click Send for e-Way Bill
  • The Send for e-Way Billscreen appears, and all the transactions eligible for e-Way Bill generation will appear. Press spacebar to select the transactions.

Note: If you do not select any transaction, and click Send, then all the transactions listed here will be sent for exchange of information with the e-Way Bill system.

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In TallyPrime you can also cancel or update Part B for multiple e-Way Bills in the similar fashion. The ‘Send for E-way Bill” screen will list out all the transactions that need specific actions of cancelling or updating Part B. Based on your requirement, you can choose specific actions and perform the necessary activities to generate accurate bulk e-way bills.

Generate e-way bill offline

While connected services are a boon for business owners, there could be times when your internet might not be giving you its best speed. Or maybe you don’t have login credentials to upload your invoices on the e-way bill portal. If you want to generate e-Way Bills offline, then click “Offline Export” or press X. As a result, the JSON files for the selected transactions will be generated. You can then upload the JSON files on the e-Way Bill portal to generate e-way bill

Advantages of generating Bulk e-Way Bills using TallyPrime

Generating bulk electronic-Way Bills using TallyPrime saves a lot of time for a user. As a user can generate all the transactions throughout the day, and by the end of the day he can create bulk e-Way bills for all his transactions.

  • By using TallyPrime chances of missing an EWB is also minimal as now TallyPrime will track all your transactions that are created, and also will let you know the transactions for which e-Way Bills are yet to be generated
  • TallyPrime will also ensure you export transaction with accurate and complete information to generate e-Way Bills. TallyPrime has inbuilt checks because of which in case of any missing or incomplete information, the transaction will be alerted by the system as “Invoices with Incomplete/mismatch in information”. Once a user drills down he will see the reasons and missing information, and make the required changes and transactions will move to “Invoices ready to export”. When you are generating bulk e-Way Bills, chances of manual errors exists. This can be minimized using TallyPrime
  • In case a user wants to track invoices for which e-Way Bills are already generated that too can be done in TallyPrime. A user can see transactions for which e-Way bills are already generated, if he wants to make any changes and re-export the transaction for generating an e-Way bill, he can do it easily in TallyPrime.

Generate bulk e-Way bills for purchases, credit notes and debit notes

If a user wants to generate in bulk e-Way Bills using TallyPrime and wants to include along with Sales Invoices, purchase invoices credit notes and debit notes, he can do so. TallyPrime provides flexibility for the user to include transactions such as purchases, credit notes or sales returns and debit notes to track for EWB.

Flexibility in choosing threshold limit

Recently many states have defined threshold limit for intrastate e-Way Bills different for interstate e-Way Bill which is Rs.50,000/-. Now in TallyPrime you can define threshold limit for both interstate and intrastate separately and based on this threshold limit TallyPrime will consider a transaction eligible for generating an e-Way Bill.

Online bulk E-way bill generation software

With one-time quick setup and configuration, we have provided you complete flexibility to generate e-way bills according to your business requirements. From generating accurate e-way bills to cancel/update/extend to send an e-way bill report, TallyPrime deals with your e-way bill compliance with utmost care.

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TallyPrime directly integrates with the e-way portal to seamlessly generate e-way bill for you. It is so simple that you will certainly feel that generating an e-way bill is just the same as invoicing. Tally’s fully connected e-way bill solution is simple, seamless with zero manual work. Take a free trial today!

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