5 Factors to Choose An E-way Bill Software

|Updated on: May 23, 2022

According to GST regulations, it is mandatory for transporters to carry E-Way Bills when transporting goods amounting to more than Rs. 50,000 (depending on the state) within a state or between two states. Transporters on the other hand ought to carry a copy of E-Way Bill and invoice as evidence under the new GST law. E-way bill generation is one of the key things for a business owner to remain tax compliant.

The right business management software will make adherence to e-way bill regulations even more seamless. Here are 5 factors that must be considered while choosing an e-way bill software:

Connected solution ability with the e-way bill portal

A connected service will give you several advantages to take care of your e-way bill compliance. From generating single/bulk accurate e-way bills with great ease to switching easily and seamlessly between the portal and your system for various business scenarios, a connected business management software will make adherence to e-way bill regulations simpler. While choosing an e-way bill software, similar things should be kept in mind, and you must assess the simplification of technology. With TallyPrime’s quick setup and a one-time configuration, you can start generating accurate e-way bills in just a few clicks.

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Flexibility to generate in real-time or as bulk at end of the day

Flexibility is key in any business management software. There could be many situations, for example, it might not be possible for you to generate E-Way Bills the moment you record a transaction since you might be freighting the goods a few days later or the vehicle may not be ready to transport the goods. Thus, business management software should allow you to handle such complexities, seamlessly. TallyPrime gives you the flexibility to generate E-Way bills anytime. A user can generate a single consignment while recording the invoice or in bulk for multiple invoices, altogether. By using TallyPrime, chances of missing an EWB are also minimal as it will track all your transactions that are created, and also will let you know of the transactions for which e-Way Bills are yet to be generated.

Cancel/extend/update e-way bill

Management of GST E-Way Bills could be due to many reasons. You could come across situations where the transporter’s vehicle carrying the goods breaks down. In such a scenario, you should be able to track that particular invoice quickly in order to generate a new E-Way Bill from the portal. There could be incorrect invoices that would need to be modified or you want to export E-Way Bills that are not yet uploaded on the E-Way Bill portal, etc. In TallyPrime all these contingencies can be taken care of in a single click. You can easily get all your e-way bills under ‘GST Reports’ and choose whichever option is right for the next action.

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Ability to handle e-way bill in offline mode

While connected services are a boon for business owners, there could be times when your internet might not be giving you its best speed. Or maybe you don’t have login credentials to upload your invoices on the e-way bill portal. Your business management software should allow you to take relevant action if you do not have access to the e-way bill portal. Such scenarios require users to continue working in an offline mode and generate accurate e-way bills. In TallyPrime, you can export offline in JSON format and share the data with whoever you need to. Once the concerned employee received the invoices, they can simply go to the portal and upload them in individually or bulk. You can also auto download the details of such e-way bill details from the portal and updating it in the books

Generate e-way bill along with e-invoice

The E-invoice system and E-Way bill system are seamlessly integrated. The credentials of E-way bill system work on E-invoice system and Invoice Reference Portal (IRP) can be used to generate E-way bills. It is completely up to the taxpayer to choose whether they want to generate E-way bill at the time of generation of E-invoice or later on by using the IRN as a reference. However, E-way bill will be invalid without a valid E-invoice (wherever E-invoice is required to be generated). TallyPrime will help you follow any method to generate e-way bills based on your requirement. Irrespective of whether you generate e-way bills along with e-invoice or at a later stage, you can seamlessly do so, as the direct integration of our software with external portals will give you a seamless experience.

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