How to Manage Books Remotely Using an Online Software

how to manage bools remotely
|Updated on: December 29, 2021

As businesses grow and evolve, the business dynamics and their demands keep changing. With the current technologies evolving and new ones emerging, especially in, the prevailing situation, remote work has become the new normal.

No doubt, this requires a greater shift in how businesses operate and manage. If you are a business owner, the biggest worry is about ensuring the productivity of the people who manage the business operations right from invoicing to reporting.

Manage books remotely using an online software

To achieve smooth management of various business processes, proper tools must be put in place that allows people to carry out their usual tasks efficiently in a distributed remote working environment. You may need an online invoice generator software that helps people to generate an invoice, or an online tool to manage accounts receivables, ideally, the one that is connected to online invoice generator software and so on.

Just online tools like invoice generator software are enough?

The answer is no.

The reason is that you need to have a single source of data that can be used by people working in different functions of the business. If different tools have a different database, it becomes difficult to ensure that information is shared, and for different functions work together effectively. It becomes even harder in a remote working environment because of limited collaborations.

This calls for business management software with online capabilities that allow people to access the software remotely and integrate information across all functions. For example, the person ‘A’ can record an invoice and the same invoice information is shown in accounts receivables reports which can be consumed by the team managing receivables reports.

Key aspects of online business management software

Here are key aspects of online business management software:

  • It acts as online invoice generator software
  • Accesses all the business reports such as profit and loss accounts, accounts receivables etc. online
  • Multiple people can access the same data remotely
  • Business information on the go via mobile etc.

How TallyPrime supports remote working

The wide range of online capabilities help you use business management software remotely. Below are online options which you may use to work remotely.

Remote access

Access your data anywhere via Tally.Net services while your data stays only with you. With TallyPrime (even without a license) installed in a remote location and internet connection, you can view reports, generate invoices, edit the vouchers etc. Know more on TallyPrime’s net capabilities

Access TallyPrime virtually from a remote Machine

You can access TallyPrime over a virtualised environment through tools like Windows RDP, Windows thin Client, Cirtix, or similar technologies using TVU pack (Tally Virtual user pack). This helps round the clock access of business data on travel, from home etc. Read authorizing virtual usage to know more.

Mobile Access

TallyPrime brings you the ability to view important business reports from a web browser, on any device, anywhere. Grow your business with the utmost secure access to business data even outside your business premises. You can even download an invoice and share with your customers on the go. Know more about TallyPrime’s net capabilities

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