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Dates to Remember
31 Oct
for July 2017
10 Nov
for July 2017

GST is India's single largest tax reform since independence. Now it's been two months GST is rolled out in India and it's time to file your first returns in GST era.

Tally has introduced Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.1 for easy filing of GSTR-1. GSTR-1 captures details of all outward supplies. Tally.ERP 9 helps you in easy correction & detection of errors before generating the GSTR-1. With Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.1 you can get data in Excel template as per the department for Filing GSTR-1. This file can be converted to JSON format using offline tool and then uploaded on GSTN portal for more details watch the video attached.

Learn How Tally Can Help You

Apart from our core strength that helps you automate your business for growth, Tally is dedicated to walking the GST journey with you. Keeping in mind all the laws, the rules, and the intricacies that GST brings, you need a GST-ready Software that can ensure your business complies the way you need it to!

For the last 3 decades, Tally has continuously helped businesses achieve automation to fuel business growth. With GST being a technology-driven tax regime, Tally is already at the forefront to help business manage their compliance in the simplest possible way.

With the GST-ready Software, Tally brings you unmatched simplicity and ease of use as you transition from the current taxation to the new world of GST.

Learn how Tally can help you get started on your GST journey in a few easy steps. As the GST technologies and rules mature, Tally will continue to stand by you and provide software updates to make compliance faster and easier.

Versatility that adapts to your business needs

Tally.ERP 9 will handle all your GST invoicing/billing needs, whether it is simple invoices/bills or advanced ones with multi-Item, multi-tax rates etc

In addition, you can manage advance receipts, reverse charge, branch transfers, bill of supply, export invoices, GST input tax credit and other adjustments

Your GST returns will be a true reflection of your books of accounts with a seamless harmony between them

File the most accurate GST returns

Now you can avoid the hassles of segregating invoice-wise information as required by GST Return forms.

You can quickly detect and correct any errors in transactions, from within the return itself and see the real-time effect, to make accurate GST Returns.

With Tally's GST Ready Software now you can export your error-free return forms into GSTN Return format which your CA/Tax Consultant can use, or use the GSTN utility to generate the return in the required format and upload to GSTN.

Experience GST-Ready Software

Start with GST-Ready Tally.ERP 9 Release 6, and smoothly move into the new tax era.

Upgrade to "GST-Ready" Tally

If you are already using Tally, please follow these steps to migrate to GST-ready Tally

Install Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0
Renew your TSS Subscription (Tally.ERP 9 users)
Buy an upgrade (Tally 9 and lower version users)
Download and install Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0 from
After installing Release 6.0, choose one of these options
Open your existing company in Release 6.0 and continue your business as usual
For Tally 7.2 or lower
Download the tool Tally72migration.exe
Upgrade your data using this tool
Open your existing company in Release 6.0 and split your company
For Tally 7.2 or lower
Download the tool Tally72migration.exe
Upgrade your data using this tool
Create a new company in Release 6.0 and start afresh for GST
Visit for more information

GST Concepts and FAQ's

What is Form GSTR-3B. How do I file it?

Form GSTR-3B is an interim return form to be used by GST dealers with regular registration for filing returns for the month of July and August. GSTR-3B is an online form where dealers will enter details directly on the GST portal. This report can be printed from Tally.ERP 9 with all transaction details in the required format. Learn more

If I am providing services across multiple states, can't I manage with single registration?

No. In the current regime, Service Tax was applicable for services, which required a unified, centralized registration. However, in the current regime, goods and services will have the same treatment, and will be taxed on supply, at the place of supply. To understand more, please refer our blog post Learn more

I have VAT number, UAM number. Will that be sufficient for GST registration?

No, even for a business transitioning into GST, PAN will need to be furnished for GST registration. To understand more about the process of registration, please refer our blog post Learn more

What will be the fate of C Form, H Form and F Form in GST?

In the current regime, C Form is required for CST compliance during inter-state transactions; H Form is issued when the inter-state buyer is an exporter; and F Form is issued as proof of stock transfer. To know more, about all the forms... Learn more

What is the difference between mixed and composite supply?

Composite Supply means a supply made by a taxable person to a recipient comprising two or more supplies of goods or services, or any combination thereof, which are naturally bundled and supplied in conjunction with each other in the ordinary course of business... Learn more

Can we avail excise duty for goods purchased before 1 year?

No, for claiming the excise duty paid against a particular invoice, the date of invoices or any other prescribed duty/tax paying documents must be within 12 months from the date of transitioning to GST. For more understanding, please refer our blog post Learn more

Can we take ITC on stock lying with us before GST, on which we have paid excise?

As per the Transition Rules, those dealers who have purchased excisable goods, directly from the manufacturer / 1st stage dealer / 2nd stage dealer - will be eligible to get 100% credit of the excise paid on closing stock... Learn more

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