Benefits of Using Accounting Software in Kenya

A brief on Businesses and Accounting software in Kenya

In the modern business environment, business and accounting software are indispensable. Being a business owner in Kenya, you got to deal with multiple stakeholders, multiple transactions, multiple products etc. all leading to multiple business opportunities and it becomes a huge challenge to keep up with them manually. In the process of managing books manually, businesses miss out on the important factors associated with the growth of the business. Here is why accounting software in Kenya is of great help.

Most of the business in Kenya believe that using accounting software has made a huge difference in managing the business. It has helped in optimizing the accounting process and increased business efficiency. More importantly, accounting software in Kenya has given business the time to think and decide on business insights which matter the most for business growth.

Here are the business benefits of using Accounting software in Kenya

Benefits of Accounting Software in Kenya

Ease of Accounting and Printing Invoices

One of the most routine tasks in managing the books of accounts is record keeping and invoicing. Accounting software in Kenya has made the life of the business owner easier by simplifying this task. Using accounting software, you can manage your books of accounts easily and generate professional looking invoices. This saves lot of efforts and time involved in managing manual books of account.

Better control on Bills Receivable and frequency of Payables.

Bills receivables and payables are one of the key functions of the business and being a business owner, it is utmost important for you to have an eye this. Accounting software in Kenya has helped business to have better control over the receivables and managing the frequency of payables. Accounting software assists business owners in knowing the long-pending bills, upcoming dues, setting-up credit control techniques etc. and making on-time decisions.

Insightful and Actionable Business Reports

The automated business reports in accounting software are of great help to the business owner. Not only the business reports are generated automatically but the insights these reports provide will help the business owners to take on-time business decisions. You get to know the strengths and areas which requires your attention.

Books are Accurate and complete

Since the business reports are automated, your books will always be accurate and complete. Thus, your decision will never go wrong. The accounting software is designed to prevent the errors at the time of recording which pays way for error-free and complete business reports.

Ease of managing statutory and compliance

Accounting software is designed with in-built capabilities to support the VAT requirements from invoicing to return filing. So, you need not put extra efforts to be compliant as required by the law. Accounting software in Kenya also makes it easier for periodic return filing and these software’s facilitates ease of sharing the data/statements with the tax consultants/auditors.

Increase efficiency in cash flow

In simple words, cash flow management largely implies managing frequency of payments and a whole lot of activities to encourage your customers to pay as fast as possible. Accounting software in Kenya has automated the task of preparing cash flow statement, monitoring, analyzing and insights to optimize it. Business in Kenya believes that using accounting software provides visibility projected cash inflow, outflow which in-turn has helped in creating enough cash cushion to run the business smoothly.

How Tally.ERP 9 can help you?

You work hard to grow your business. You need a software which grows with you. Tally.ERP 9, accounting software helps in managing your growing needs easily.

  • Professional Invoicing and Simple Accounting Management
  • Effective Cash and Credit Management
  • Flexible Order Management
  • Ease of Managing Inventory
  • Seamless Banking
  • Insightful Business Reports at a blink of an eye
  • Managing Compliance is a cakewalk
  • And much more……….


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