Facts You Must Know About Online Business Data Security

|Updated on: April 25, 2023

What is data security?

Big data has become a part of almost every organisation. Having such voluminous data could increase the risk of data breach and data leak. Studies state that 95% of breached records came from three industries: retail, government and technology. However, data breach could happen to any business, irrespective of the industry it falls under. To overcome this major concern, businesses must choose to invest in online security technology. Data Security is a process of protecting files, databases, and accounts on a network by adopting a set of controls, applications, and techniques that identify the relative importance of different datasets, their sensitivity, regulatory compliance requirements and then applying appropriate protections to secure those resources.

To escape from malicious hackers, here are some of the facts which you must know about data security for your company:

Opt for software to protect your sensitive data

Any serious business and individual would be wise to invest in cyber security software. A solid antimalware program can detect and quarantine most security threats before they have time to fester in the system and create additional damage. It’s also worth mentioning that although Windows updates are an annoyance for every regular user, they’re quite important for keeping the standard Windows firewall able to deflect the latest cyber security threats.

50% of cyber-attacks target small businesses

The lack of attention towards the security of data from small businesses creates an absolute path for hackers to attack. The small business owners think that they cannot be attacked as there is not much to be hacked, but this perception is erroneous as hackers may steal consumer information and personal data. According to Cybint, about 60% of companies experience malicious attacks such as phishing, DDoS attacks, and many others.

Internet of Things (IoT) or algorithm manipulation

As organizations grow to rely more and more on their wearable tech, cloud-computing industrial devices and other IoT applications, the more vulnerable their data becomes. Similarly, as automation has led companies to trust their algorithms to interpret and apply their data, they may be susceptible to threats in the form of these systems and codes being compromised without frequent monitoring and occasional human interaction.

Brute force or password attacks

These threats involve an attacker attempting to gain access to a network by using a program to ascertain a working password. They’re the primary reason it’s important not to use the same password across the board and why these login details need to be changed regularly. Don’t you ever wish, you were someone else. When data is captured and accessed remotely, it increases the risk of malware or other possible threats. Preventing these kinds of persistent attacks is all about careful monitoring of your system. It can be a challenge to detect a data breach of this scale, because of the attacker using valid credentials. However, the right tools could help curb this activity on a large scale.


Investing in the right kind of business management software for your business needs, whether it is accounting or data security, would help you shield your business for a prolonged period. While access to your business data is imperative but ensuring that the data is captured rightly without any leaks, must be of the highest priority. Looking for software that not only gives you business solutions to your accounting woes but also protects your crucial data, give TallyPrime a try and be amazed and also know about features of TallyPrime.

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