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Upasana B A, Senior Software Development Engineer - Upasana works as Senior Software Engineer at Tally and has over 5 years of experience working with different products such as Tally's in-house language IDE ‘Tally Developer’ and ‘TallyPrime’. She has worked with associated products of Tally Developer such as Tally Dictionary Manager, Licensing Framework and Build and Compilation Framework during her initial years at the organization. She has contributed to both UI engine as well as language engine of Tally along with report frame. A movie buff, she enjoys dancing, painting, reading in her free time.

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Manjeet Jindal, Upasana B A  
Save Report View – Tally’s Approach to Personalized Configurations

TallyPrime has the most powerful reporting system that provides 500+ reports & 1000+ configurations. Let’s check how Tally’s save view report help in personalizing business reports.

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