Supporting Government & Large Enterprises by Simplifying Business Operations

GVLA businesses are Government and Very Large Account entities. We, at Tally, are committed to serve them with a team of specialized experts to find the best business, compliance, and financial management solutions.

Why Adopt Tally?

  • Enhance the transparency of stock and sales data to principal companies.
  • Accelerate the implementation of solutions throughout the distributor-dealer network.
  • Assist government entities in maintaining full control of project and fund management.
  • Facilitate faster decision-making processes in government and enterprise organizations.
GVLA Adopt Tally

We Work With

140+ Government Accounts

400+ Large Enterprise Accounts

Tally supports such organisations to operate multi-location transactions seamlessly by providing a centralised bird’s eye view. Transactional experiences are simplified by integrating the principal company and the dealer network through legacy systems on TallyPrime. Additionally, market demands can be forecasted along with the availability of on-time stock visibility at all levels – all with quick data integration and accuracy.

Government Accounts

  • Central Sponsored Schemes under National Government Projects spread across the country with the high ratio of central funding
  • State Government Projects, State Agencies & Corporations
  • Public Sector Units (PSUs)
  • Defence Establishments
  • NGOs
GVLA Government accounts

Very Large Enterprises

  • Big retail chains
  • Large enterprises with distribution networks
  • Corporates with multiple branches

Enjoy perks such as

  • Large solution-based recommendations
  • Dedicated partner team with specialist solution capabilities
  • Continued support and engagement from TallyCare
  • Bulk order price benefit

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You can enjoy the following benefits by integrating the SSV solution with your existing ERP or Tally software:

  • Live update on stock outs in distribution network
  • Market coverage analysis
  • Product sales analysis
    • Product-wise, PACS-wise, Block-wise, District-wise
  • Purchase performance
    • PACS-wise, Block-wise, District-wise

Yes, Tally can easily integrate with any other ERP software. Please connect with Tally certified partners for more details on the integration. Click here to connect with a partner.

Yes, TallyPrime is the most trusted ERP software product in the market today. It is the preferred choice of software by both enterprises and government entities, when it comes to having a robust and stable financial management solution. Tally is easy to own, easy to deploy, easy to learn and even easier to operate.

Tally provides FMS module which has complete fund management, budget control and expense recording features. It gives you the option to add accounting and voucher entries, thus, creating comprehensive financial reports.

You can take the following business decisions based on the sales data generated from TallyPrime:

  • Production planning
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Retail market expansions
  • Sales promotions
  • Financial planning

Yes, for government and large account customers, Tally has a robust project execution framework through its wide coverage of Tally certified partners across India. This framework is known as Tally Project Delivery Network (TPDN) and it helps in executing large projects in minimal time frame anywhere in India.

TallyPrime is an enterprise-class ERP software product from the cradle of Tally. It is a scalable and a customizable software. You can easily integrate it with multiple existing operating systems. The specs offered by TallyPrime suit the needs of different cross-sections for government entities.

Yes, TallyPrime provides a comprehensive module on budget allocation and control. It helps government projects to maintain and manage budgets, and expenses in the simplest way.

A closing stock value report helps you assess the following:

  • Optimizing cash flow
  • Planning and deciding credit periods and credit limit
  • Planning the working capital

You can track the following:

  • Distributor monthly performance
  • Monitor distributor productivity
  • Product sales analysis done category wise
  • Salesman performance
  • Create, operate, review secondary sales promotions
  • Visibility to distributor’s operating price: Minimize MOP fluctuations

Here are some reasons:

  • We recommend that you try TallyPrime to manage the operations of your distribution network as it is easy to learn and operate and is intuitive to business requirements.
  • With one software, you get complete business solution – accounts, e-invoicing, e-way bill, inventory, payroll, statutory, banking, and statutory audit.
  • TallyPrime is a software known to a lot of trained resources, so it becomes easy to hire required talent.
  • TallyPrime is a secure system that ensures business data confidentiality.
  • In case of any queries, you can reach out to over 22000 sales and service partners located all over the country.
  • It is very easy to further customize TallyPrime software to address specific business needs.
  • There are close to 1000 ready-to-use vertical-specific apps already available at TallyPrime App Store.
  • You can extend TallyPrime usage on mobile devices using mobile apps (both iOS & Android) or even on SMS.

Tally is known for its immense capabilities on bookkeeping and business compliances. It allows you to maintain voucher level data and create meaningful business and financial reports. Tally can also provide MIS reports in specific formats through customization.

TallyPrime can help you with the following, and more:

  • Financial accounting
  • Accounting of revenue
  • Expense accounting
  • Administrative expenses
  • Sales expenses
  • Complete bookkeeping of bank, including reconciliation
  • Managing outstanding with suppliers
  • GST (Goods & Service Tax) compliance
  • Payroll management
  • Statutory compliance
  • Ledgers/trial balance
  • Consolidation of balance sheet/profit & loss statement at state and district office

Tally Solutions has a pan India network of over 6500 Certified Partners and has been providing solutions for various government and quasi-government departments across the country, through all states and multiple districts.

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