Advantages of Renting an Office Space in Dubai

Tally Solutions | Updated on: May 30, 2022

Brief about renting an office in Dubai

Dubai is the commercial hub among all the other UAE Emirates and this doing business in the country has proven to be quite beneficial for entrepreneurs. Since the country is located centrally, its is easily accessible for geographies to perform any kind of business activity. We had earlier talked about the requirements to set up a branch office in Dubai which would eventually increase the expansion opportunities for owners as well as the country at large.

6 steps to Setup a branch office in Dubai

In this article, we will cite the advantages of renting an office space at the world’s largest commercial hub, Dubai.


The host city of World Expo typically invests a lot of funds in improving the infrastructure before the event. Shanghai, China which hosted Expo 2010, invested about $40 billion on its development which required 6 additional metro lines, roads, tunnels, bridges and bolt rail. Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to have the same impact in terms of infrastructure. Top financial officials claim that at least $8 billion worth infrastructure will be required to successfully build Expo 2020’s establishment. The host site, Jebel Ali which is spread across 480-hectare space will require new roads, metro extension, buildings, hotels and facilities to accommodate tourists.

Advantages of Renting an Office Space in Dubai

Diverse Economic System

Since Dubai offers a strong and competent market which operate from across the globe, it provides ample opportunities for a business to grow. The jurisdictions are segregated in such a way that business zones provide categorical venues which cater to specific business needs. Thus, renting an office space with specialised zonal regions could impact businesses in a huge way.

Strategic Geographical Location

Dubai’s convenient and central location is also one of the main reasons why renting an office space in the country is imperative. It also allows the company to grow into the fast-maturing markets of the Asia Pacific and South Asia along with the emerging markets of India and China.


It is a known fact that Dubai’s infrastructure is to die for. Availability of good infrastructure makes it even more beneficial for businesses as they wouldn’t have to worry about the resources for their office. From easy access to the internet, telephone to fully furnished office space, these benefits will not be cost-effective but also cut down on the additional time which the owner would otherwise invest in seeking for them.


Dubai’s legal formalities are quite convivial when it comes to foreign trade and investment. From licensing to set up a branch office, the Dubai government has eased the process to get businesses going in a jiffy. Business owners enjoy relatively relaxed legalities in Dubai, which is why they are more inclined to setting up an office in the country. While the government is continuously working on improving the renting regulations, Dubai’s foreign labour policies and liberal trade regimes are an added factor.

Cost Consideration

Maintenance charges and day-to-day expenses are not a headache when it comes to doing business in Dubai. To rent a commercial property in Dubai, one need not think of the additional expenses that require attention from the proprietor. Thus, it is better to have an office for rent in Dubai than to own one as the cost of renting is low and due to all the facilities available, one can get started with the business from day one.

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