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|Updated on: November 23, 2022

Experience seamless e-invoice software: Reliable & complete e-invoicing solution

From instantly generating, to tracking and managing e-invoices, TallyPrime takes care of every little detail to bring you the most delightful experience. 

ISO logo Tally is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified GSP (GST Suvidha Provider), ensuring that TallyPrime directly integrates with IRP portal to seamlessly generate e-invoices.

Instantly create e-invoices: Being a comprehensive software, generating e-invoices in a single click with TallyPrime is a seamless process.   

Super-fast IRN integration: Automatically print IRN (invoice reference number) and QR code with TallyPrime  

Direct IRP integration: Tally is a certified GST Suvidha Provider, which means your invoices can be directly uploaded to the IRP portal to generate e-invoices seamlessly.  

Single or bulk e-invoice: For any business, generating invoices is a critical factor in remaining GST compliant. With TallyPrime, you can either create single e-invoice during voucher entry for a transaction or in bulk for multiple invoices together in a single click.  

e-Invoice reports: As a business, having an overview of the invoices that you are generating is crucial. With TallyPrime, you can get e-invoice reports that provide a bird's eye view of all your e-invoicing tasks

Supports offline export: Being a comprehensive software, TallyPrime allows you to carry out e-invoicing in the offline mode for instances of temporary internet disconnection, or any other similar instances. During such situations, you can export t the details in JSON format and upload the same on IRP at your convenience.  

e-Way bill: Generate e-way bills alongside generating e-invoices for those invoices that require e-way bills. This way, your efforts and time will be saved.  

Cancel IRN:  In some situations, the invoices for which IRN is already generated require to be cancelled. With TallyPrime, you can cancel such invoices and send the details to IRP for cancellation directly from the software. 

Useful alerts: Alert mechanism in case of accidental modification and redundancy, ensuring that you are in complete control.   

GST return filing: With TallyPrime's prevention and detection mechanism, you can be assured that your GST returns are accurate. 

Digital signed tax invoices: Be it tax invoices, bill of supply, generating e-way bills, you can do it all seamlessly with TallyPrime.    

Online access to reports: Get access to a wide range of insightful business reports and access them from mobile or any device, from anywhere 

Start e-invoicing with TallyPrime in 3 easy steps

  1. Enable e-Invoicing in TallyPrime 
  2. Record the invoice as usual and select ‘Yes’ to generate e-invoice automatically. 
  3. Print the invoice with IRN and QR code details 

e-invoice software reports in Tally

  • Correction/missing/invalid information summary  
  • Summary of e-invoice generated and pending  
  • e-invoice rejection report
  • e-invoice register 

GST reports in TallyPrime

  • GSTR-3B 
  • GSTR-1 
  • GST-CMP-08
  • Annual computation
  • Input tax credit summary

Benefits of e-invoice software

  1. Interoperability of the data across different GST systems (IRP, e-way bill, GSTIN)
  2. Reduces reporting of same invoice details multiple times
  3. Auto-population of e-invoice details in GST returns and e-way bill
  4. Real-Time tracking of invoices
  5. Confirmed ITC eligibility
  6. Substantial reduction in input credit verification
  7. Prevents errors and frauds
  8. Saves Time and efforts to file returns

Step-by-step process to generate e-invoices using e-invoice software

Working of E-invoicing System

  • Supplier generates the e-invoice JSON in the prescribed format, either using e-invoicing software or using any other modes. 
  • The JSON is uploaded to IRP (Invoice Register Portal) by the supplier 
  • IRP validates the JSON uploaded and generates IRN and QR code 
  • The digitally signed e-invoice JSON along with QR code will be sent to the supplier 
  • The supplier will print QR code embedded with IRN on the invoice. 
  • e-Invoice details will be sent to the e-way bill system (pre-fill e-way bill) and the GST System (GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A) 
  • Buyer will get real-time visibility in GSTR-2A for confirming the ITC. Read more on How e-invoice system work?

Generate e-invoices instantly with a single click in TallyPrime

Tally being a recognized and ISO certified GSP (GST Suvidha Provider), TallyPrime directly integrates with IRP portal to seamlessly generate e-invoices. 

With a one-time setup, you can start generating and printing e-invoices within seconds. All you need to do is enable, record and print. TallyPrime’s connected solution will take of the rest. 

  • You can either generate e-invoice during voucher entry for a transaction or you could do this in bulk for multiple invoices together in a single click
  • Once they are authenticated by the IRP, TallyPrime will receive the IRN directly from the IRP and convert it into a QR code along with other invoice info and update your invoices accordingly 
  • You can then simply print the QR code on your invoice. IRN can also be printed optionally. Read more on TallyPrime’s e-invoice solution 

Key factors for choosing an e-invoice software

  • Generate e-invoice instantly without the need for manual intervention 
  • Capability to generate bulk e-invoices seamlessly 
  • Generate e-way bill along with e-invoice as applicable 
  • Seamless cancellation of e-invoice if required 
  • Flexibility to use offline mode to generate e-invoices to deal with possible network issues 

Get Your E-invoicing Software Free Trial Today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are e-invoices under GST?

e-Invoice known as ‘Electronic invoicing’ is a system in which all B2B invoices are electronically uploaded and authenticated by the designated portal. Post successful authentication, a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) is generated along with QR code that needs to be printed on the invoice.

When will e-invoicing get implemented?

The first, e-invoice was applicable from 1st October 2020 for businesses with a turnover of 500 crores. From, 1st January,2021 e-invoicing is applicable for businesses with an annual turnover of 100 crores, followed by 50 crores. Currently, it is applicable for businesses with turnover above 10 crores. Read more on e-invoice applicability 

Who are eligible for e-invoicing?

Electronic invoicing applies to all the businesses that are registered under GST and issue B2B invoices in a phased manner as notified by the Government.

Is e-invoicing mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory for all businesses that fall under the ambit of e-invoicing and need to issue an e-invoice for all B2B supplies.  

Why e-invoice is required?

To standardize the format in which electronic data of an invoice can be shared with various systems in GST ecosystem ensuring the interoperability of the data.

What is the IRP in e-Invoice?

IRP is a designated portal designed to accept, validate and authenticate the invoice.

What is an IRN (Invoice Reference Number)?

IRN known as “Invoice Reference Number” is a unique invoice number generated by the Invoice Register Portal (IRP) on uploading the invoices electronically.

Can IRN be generated in bulk?

Yes, you can upload the bulk invoices and generate IRN for each invoice that is uploaded. TallyPrime seamlessly supports IRN generation for bulk invoices.

What are the types of documents reported under IRP?

Following documents are covered under the concept of e-invoice:

    • Invoice by Supplier
    • Credit Note by Supplier
    • Debit Note by Supplier
    • Any other document as required by law to be reported by the creator of the document

How does e-invoicing benefit businesses?

With the complete interoperability of e-invoice data with the GST system, it pre-populates the details in GST returns, e-way bill and reduce the reconciliation challenges. Alongside it also helps you to confirm the ITC eligibility via real-time visibility of invoices and eliminates fake invoices.

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