Features of TallyPrime
Powered by AWS

Empowering businesses anywhere, anytime

Secure access TallyPrime from anywhere, anytime

TallyPrime powered by AWS is your gateway to seamlessly accessing TallyPrime and your business data through web browsers and a virtual client (installed on system). Enjoy the freedom to complete your work from anywhere, any time that suits you.

Our platform ensures that your TallyPrime experience is not only flexible and accessible but also fortified with the robust security features that AWS provides. Work with confidence, knowing your data is safeguarded while you harness the full potential of the capabilities in TallyPrime.


Secure log-in with dual-layer security

Experience heightened security with TallyPrime powered by AWS, featuring dual-factor authentication for added protection. Leveraging both Tally.NET and a Secure PIN, TallyPrime on AWS ensures a robust defence against unauthorized access. What’s more, you have the convenience of resetting your Secure PIN directly from the Virtual Client or the SSP. With TallyPrime on AWS, your security is in your hands, offering peace of mind and control over your account’s safety.

Take control of your experience with our Self Service Portal (SSP)

The self service portal allows you to seamlessly connect to virtual computers via web browsers. This feature-rich portal simplifies various tasks, putting you in control to manage users, manage system and backups - all within an intuitive interface of the portal. Enhance your digital workspace experience with our all-in-one management portal that is designed for convenience, flexibility, and efficiency.


Don’t just back up your data, securely safeguard it

Our system takes care of the backup process seamlessly, with the added layer of encryption for enhanced security of the data. Upon the initial connection to the Virtual Machine, your data is automatically backed up, guaranteeing that you always have the latest backup available. These backups are securely stored in the cloud, providing anytime access with an added layer of encryption for enhanced data security. Retrieving your backups is a breeze through our intuitive Self Service Portal (SSP), that offers you peace of mind and easy data recovery whenever you need it.

Selective data sharing

Take charge of your data permissions with our Selective Data Sharing feature. As the account owner or administrator, you have the flexibility to apply different access types to your data folders:

  • Allowed: Grant users complete access to the data.
  • Disallowed: Restrict user access entirely for enhanced privacy.
  • Allowed in TallyPrime: Enable users to access data exclusively through TallyPrime.

Effortlessly assign access types to multiple users simultaneously, giving you unparalleled control over your data sharing preferences. Experience a new level of data management precision with the selective data sharing feature in TallyPrime powered by AWS


Upgrade to new releases effortlessly

Unlock a world of continuous improvement with TallyPrime powered by AWS as you enjoy access to the latest product upgrades and earlier releases. Transitioning between releases has never been simpler, requiring no additional support. Tailor your experience by choosing the release that perfectly aligns with your unique business requirements. With TallyPrime powered by AWS, we ensure a dynamic and customized journey for each customer, empowering you to stay at the forefront of innovation effortlessly.

Amplify your capabilities by integrating other applications

Unlock the potential of your TallyPrime experience by seamlessly integrating third-party applications. With the enhanced capabilities of TallyPrime on AWS, you can effortlessly exchange data to perform specific business operations. Manage the integration process efficiently by determining which users have the authority to sync, giving you the flexibility and control. Elevate your business processes with the expanded integration possibilities in TallyPrime, providing you with the flexibility and efficiency you need for success.


Scale seamlessly

Embark on a journey of unlimited possibilities as your business expands with TallyPrime powered by AWS. Scaling has never been easier – choose from our diverse range of plans tailored to suit your evolving needs. Elevate your capabilities and stay ahead in the game. With TallyPrime powered by AWS, your business growth is not just a milestone; it's a continuous journey of success with scalable solutions right at your fingertips.

Integrated productivity tools

Why step out when everything you need is within your virtual reach? TallyPrime powered by AWS comes fully equipped with a suite of powerful tools, ensuring that you never have to leave the virtual computer environment. Seamlessly view, edit, and save documents in various formats using LibreOffice. But that's not all—our platform goes the extra mile by providing a curated selection of accessories designed to enhance your day-to-day activities. Elevate your productivity, simplify your tasks, and experience a world of efficiency right at your fingertips with TallyPrime powered by AWS.


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