Employee Stories


A company is as good as its people and we are proud to be associated with people with great calibre and passion. A lot of what we have been able to achieve as a company is the reflection of our people and their commitment. It is they who make us who we are.

Sunitha P

There is a great emphasis on self-development at Tally, we are always learning something new.

Sunitha P
Senior Test Engineer

Joining Tally was a leap of faith for me since I don’t come from an accounting background. But all my reservations were put to rest once I started working with my fellow Tallywalas – most of whom were also from a non-accounting background like myself.

It’s like a family here. There is mutual respect all around and designations are only on paper. There is a great emphasis on learning and we are constantly encouraged to learn new technical and non-technical things and it’s a joy to put them to practical use. But it’s not all work and no play. There is equal emphasis on work-life balance too which I appreciate a lot. Sometimes when I’m out shopping and I tell shopkeepers that I work at Tally, their faces light up and they treat me with so much respect that it makes working here feel like an honor.

That’s what I had always wanted, to work at a place where we touch lives in a meaningful way and thank god that my unexpected journey brought me to Tally.

Tintu Chandran

I couldn’t have hoped for a better place than Tally to kickstart my career.

Tintu Chandran
Test Engineer - 1

I am so grateful that the first step I took in my career was with a reputed organization like Tally. Coming to a big city like Bangalore and working in a big company can be intimidating. But thanks to the work culture here, I never felt like a fresher. Mostly because the people here are so humble and helpful.

Working on a new product, I learned some interesting and exciting ways of designing and developing the software. This experience has made me more confident in my approach and I am sure will go a long way in building my career.

The appreciation for a job well executed is highly motivating and when you struggle, the support received is equally encouraging. I thought my first job will be stressful, but the work environment here is anything but that. I guess that’s what people mean when they say that Tally isn’t just a company, it’s a family. And I’m glad that I found mine so early in my career.

Keshav Bhauwala

Tally’s principle of honesty and integrity is followed not just in words but also in spirit.

Keshav Bhauwala
Assistant Manager – FPNA

When I cleared my Chartered Accountancy exam last year, all I wanted to do was join a big brand and saw an opportunity with Tally on LinkedIn. I had no idea about Tally’s work culture, scale, growth opportunities, nothing, but the second I set foot in the office, I knew this was going to be different. There was this energy in the air that was so evident.

Working here I have experienced the freedom we all have to consistently challenge ourselves, learn from our mistakes and grow. We ensure that if we have to go an extra mile to get something done, we do it. It has made me realize that everything we do has a real-time impact on the company and the Indian economy. Tally gave me a little more than a career, it gave me a responsibility and most importantly a larger purpose.

Tally’s principle of honesty and integrity is followed not just in words but also in spirit. There is immense importance given to continuous learning and growth and all our efforts are recognized and awarded regularly. Last year, during Mahasabha, when I witnessed employees being awarded in front of their families while the rest of us cheered them on, it made me realise just how genuinely we care about each other.

I’m not saying Tally is easy, because it’s not. It’s not your average nine to five job. It will continuously challenge you but also completely transform you both professionally and personally. At least it did for me.

Meghna Menon

It impacts millions of lives on the outside while making sure to take care of every single one of us on the inside too.

Meghna Menon
Assistant Manager- Talent Acquisition

It’s no secret that people make the place. Yet, so many of us forget that and focus on everything else. Think of the last place you worked at, your decision to stay or leave would always be triggered by the people. It’s how it works, as humans we crave emotional satisfaction much before most other things.

No points for guessing I’m a people’s person and work with the Talent Acquisition team at Tally. When I joined Tally, I quickly realized the kind of importance Tally places on their people. We have some pretty strong values and saying we take them seriously, would be an understatement. We care about each employee that joins us, give them top-of-the-line opportunities, are one of the best paymasters in India and all our policies are made keeping in mind our people.

We understand that each of us plays a part in making someone else’s life easier and my role is bringing in people, who find joy doing just that. Tally’s strength is our people and it is very critical to hire the right individual who fits well with our culture. The work is challenging but at the same time highly rewarding, I get to collaborate with people from various departments and functions, which makes it even more engaging.

To be honest, I couldn’t be happier working at a place that not just impacts millions of people’s lives on the outside but also truly takes care of those on the inside too.

Jay Prakash Singh

It’s more than just some job, there’s a real impact, the innovation means something to someone.

Jay Prakash Singh
Senior DevOps Engineer

I don’t think people realise that we spend half our lives working. And by working, I mean we literally stay in office as much as we stay at home, if not more. Which is why for me, it moves beyond just money. Don’t get me wrong, money is important but what’s the point if I don’t enjoy myself while I’m earning it?

These days a lot of people my age have stopped chasing money. There’s a looming question of why we’re doing what we’re doing. And I think that’s what drove me to join Tally – Purpose. The fact that it was more than just some job, there was a real impact, there was professional and personal growth every single day with innovation that meant something to someone. I’ve always been someone who is keenly interested in building something new and Tally gives me complete autonomy to do just that. 

And by that I mean, I choose the time, task, team and strategy. I have some friends who have small and medium businesses and Tally forms the very core of their business. There’s so much respect and love given to products that we spend so much of our time and energy building. Nobody can put a price to that feeling.

We’re all like family here, we’re constantly striving to build better, learn from our customers and make their lives simpler. So, if I were to give you one reason to join us, picture this: 

80-90% of MSME business owners sleep better knowing Tally has their back. And you could be contributing to that!

Mamatha S

The level of flexibility I have to manage my work has allowed me to perfectly balance my personal life and professional growth.

Mamatha S
Manager - Accounts

I began my career with the sister concern of Tally Solutions and got to interact with many Tallywallas across the organization. I was very impressed with the level of cross-collaboration between different groups. Everybody took pride in knowing they had a little something to do with the creation of every new product. When I started my journey at Tally, is when they introduced the IJP (Internal Job posting) process for the first time and it has tremendously helped me by providing limitless opportunities to grow within the company. Tally has enabled me to greatly boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects and I am always encouraged to stretch myself and develop new skills.

I’ve been here ten years and I can tell you no matter how satisfying the work is you need an environment that’s warm enough to support it. I have been lucky to have the most inspiring and friendly colleagues to work with. Even the management has created a safe space where you are allowed to experiment and grow. This has allowed me to always bring my best self to work.

The level of flexibility we have here at Tally is commendable. I find joy in always being there for my family during moments that matter all while pursuing my career growth. I feel empowered to take ownership of my job and its responsibilities and make space for what really matters in my personal life. Tally has truly given me a best-of-both-worlds experience.

Nikhil Kataria

There’s this energy that flows through all of us to do something that’s never been done before. I guess Tally does that to you.

Nikhil Kataria
Data Analyst – Lead

I come from a start-up environment where the pace of our work was on par with our lives. We put in our days and nights working against the clock and somewhere along the line forgot that we also had lives beyond it. Eventually I had enough and joined Tally, a 30-year-old company, knowing fully well I may not be the perfect fit for the job.  But guess what? Not to brag, but I totally was. And don’t even get me started on how good the work-life balance is here.

I knew Tally was a pioneer in developing software for SMEs and succeeding for over three decades. The company was bang opposite to a start-up, but in spirit it was as young as it could get. The fact that we work for SMEs made the work fulfilling and challenging in equal measure. And they made sure they recognized our efforts on an individual level. In my 8 years of working across three companies, I’ve never seen a firm with such an employee centric approach, which would also explain why once you join Tally, it’s hard to imagine working anywhere else.

I know I sound like a Tally brand ambassador at this point, but it really is true. In fact, when I look at small kirana stores and wholesale shops using Tally I feel a weird sense of pride. Like what I’m doing is actually reaching real people, helping them and their businesses grow. 

And I guess, for now that’s enough for me.