Employee Stories

A company is as good as its people and we are proud to be associated with people with great calibre and passion. A lot of what we have been able to achieve as a company is the reflection of our people and their commitment. It is they who make us who we are.

There’s this energy that flows through all of us to do something that’s never been done before. I guess Tally does that to you.

Nikhil Kataria
Data Analyst – Lead

I come from a start-up environment where the pace of our work was on par with our lives. We put in our days and nights working against the clock and somewhere along the line forgot that we also had lives beyond it. Eventually I had enough and joined Tally, a 30-year-old company, knowing fully well I may not be the perfect fit for the job.  But guess what? Not to brag, but I totally was. And don’t even get me started on how good the work-life balance is here.

I knew Tally was a pioneer in developing software for SMEs and succeeding for over three decades. The company was bang opposite to a start-up, but in spirit it was as young as it could get. The fact that we work for SMEs made the work fulfilling and challenging in equal measure. And they made sure they recognized our efforts on an individual level. In my 8 years of working across three companies, I’ve never seen a firm with such an employee centric approach, which would also explain why once you join Tally, it’s hard to imagine working anywhere else.

I know I sound like a Tally brand ambassador at this point, but it really is true. In fact, when I look at small kirana stores and wholesale shops using Tally I feel a weird sense of pride. Like what I’m doing is actually reaching real people, helping them and their businesses grow. 

And I guess, for now that’s enough for me.