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Staff Software Architect - 1

  • Filesystems & Data Storage
  • Software Design & Problem Solving

Sivakrishna is a passionate engineering professional with 15yrs of experience in software design, implementation and testing. He started his career working on Aircraft pilot displays in Honeywell, eventually found his interest in anything related to Data storage and generic problem solving in Samsung and uses his expertise in continuously improvising Tally filesystem, which is one of the core components powering the Tally product.

He comes with a practical experience of working on filesystem drivers(Linux), storage protocols(SCSI, SATA)(Linux, Windows), data recovery, data organization in files based OODB(Windows). Siva enjoys learning new technologies and finds happiness in applying them in real world problem solving. Apart from work, He enjoys going on nature trials on bike, long walks, and loves spending time with family and friends.

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