5 Ways Business Management Software Streamlines Operations in Kenya

5 Ways Business Management Software Streamlines Ops in Kenya
Tally Solutions | Updated on: May 16, 2024

Digitalisation and technology have transformed how businesses are run globally. The increased adoption of business management software across industries proves this statement. Since every country has different compliance policies, it is important for business management software to keep up with the requirements of businesses based in various parts of the world.

Kenya, for example, requires its businesses to follow the new VAT and e-invoicing rules. Business management software automates these tasks and helps improve the business’s overall efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

Here are 5 ways you can use a business management software to streamline your business operations in Kenya.

Easy navigation

You can streamline your operations only if you have immediate access to them. Regardless of how far and wide apart your business operations are, business management software can give you instant access.

For example, in TallyPrime, a simple “Go To” feature helps you access all your operations in one place. All you need to do click on the option and select the report you want to view, and you can get it within minutes. 

You can access Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Stock Query, Ledger Vouchers and more such reports from anywhere at any time, helping you make well-informed business decisions quickly.

Easy discovery of reports

A business management software helps you easily view your business report whenever you want. Some reports can come with multiple names. For example, you may address a certain report as bills payable, but it may be available in the name of accounts payable on the software.

With accurate business management software like TallyPrime, you don’t have to worry about remembering the exact name of the report! You can type the word “bills,” and the software will display all the reports with content similar to the one you typed. And you can pick one from the list that comes up.

Warehouse summary or godown summary, day book or daily entries, bills receivable or accounts receivable—regardless of the report’s name, efficient business management software helps you view the exact report you want without any hassles.

Easy customisation

Comparative analysis is one of the keys to a successful business report. Comparing your inventory levels between specific periods, drawing up accounting reports for different periods to check the inflow/outflow of cash, customising dashboards from various sources, and more—your business management software can do it all.

The software features include KPIs (key performance indicators), metrics, sales forecasts, customers’ purchase patterns and other reports. You can use all these details to customise reports the way you want. You can prepare visual formats in the form of bar graphs and Venn diagrams to infer details more easily.

Error identification and analysis

The right business software assures you of the integrity and accuracy of your data as the automated tools help identify discrepancies/errors in your reports. You can continue processing your operations only when these errors have been corrected.

In Kenya, for example, TIMS (Tax Invoice Management System) is integrated with the new Electronic Tax Registers. In this context, business management software ensures that the invoices are checked and authenticated on TIMS. Only after this are they loaded on the Kenya Revenue Authority portal for VAT and other processes.

Missing data, incorrect data, duplicate data—an effective business management software helps check these errors while processing, thereby removing all discrepancies and inconsistencies in your business operations.

Seamless integration

You can make the most of your business management software only when it is seamlessly integrated with other important processes, such as inventory management and e-invoicing. Inventory management, when automated, can help in catering to all your customer orders while giving you real time updates.

By creating predictive models, you can make almost accurate demand forecasts using analytics tools. This way, you can ensure you follow the right stock management techniques and tools to avoid stock-out or excess stock issues at all costs.

You can also use the automation feature of the business software to generate compliant invoices every time. You can get them scanned electronically and assign unique barcodes and invoice numbers to these invoices to track them easily.

Bottom line

An effective business management software is the index of your business. It helps to automate and improve all your operations, from the procurement of raw materials to the final delivery to the customer. Therefore, you must choose reliable, scalable, robust and updated business software to streamline all business operations seamlessly.


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