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International MSME Day - JUNE 27


MSME Honours - 2023


Imagine a world that is driven by innovation, prefers new processes over legacy practices, and that fuels ambition in people. The thought is so real because this is the impact MSMEs have made on our community with their determined efforts.

Tally’s MSME Honours is an annual recognition platform that aims to identify MSME Heroes that exemplify this and celebrate their efforts. They could be entrepreneurs, creators, small and new business owners, or independent business leaders. We take into account the diversity of such businesses and aim to recognize them at a hyper local level. Raising the bar this year by felicitating outstanding MSMEs across categories globally including Africa, India, Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Indonesia.

What Happens Next?

The jury is evaluating the nominations and vote on winners for each category. Stay tuned for the 2023 winner announcement in the coming weeks.


Felicitating outstanding entrepreneurs in 5 categories across Africa


Recognising women entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams and have redefined businesses today

Business Maestro

Recognising stalwarts who have withstood the test of time and continue to grow

NewGen Icon

Recognising startups that have identified a market gap and have introduced innovative solutions

Tech Transformer

Recognising businesses that are agile with modern technology adoption yielding better results

Champion of Cause

Recognising businesses that have contributed towards a better purpose for global wellbeing

Meet the Winners of 2022

After weeks of nominations, shortlisting and anticipation, we’ve arrived at our list of winners for the first-ever MSME Honours. It was great to learn about so many inspiring, heart-warming and game-changing stories. Irrespective of who the winners are and the ones who missed out, all the small and medium businesses are heroes in their own right. You are and will be, Heroes Always!.


Business Maestro
Digital Transformer
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