Quick Checklist for Tax Invoice in Oman

Yarab A | Updated on: May 30, 2022

Issuing invoices is one of the critical aspects of the business. If your business is registered under VAT, a tax invoice needs to be issued on the supply of taxable goods and services. On the other side, a tax invoice acts as evidence for the customer and enables them to claim input Vat deduction. Thus, it is essential for a taxable person to issue a VAT compliant tax invoice adhering to the guidelines prescribed by the Oman VAT law and regulations.

Elements of Tax Invoice – Simple and Comprehensive Record and Book Keeping Requirement under Oman VAT

A tax invoice that doesn't comply with the provisions may put your customers at risk for availing input VAT deduction and may attract a heft penalty for non-compliance.

Quick checklist for tax invoices in Oman

To ensure that you issue a VAT compliant tax invoice, we have prepared a quick checklist with the mandatory details to be captured in the tax invoice as prescribed by the Oman VAT Regulations.


Mandatory Details of Tax Invoice



The words "Tax Invoice" is clearly stated

The title/name of the invoice should be 'Tax Invoice.'


The name, address of the taxable person and his VAT registration number

The supplier's name, address and VAT registration number should be captured


The name and address of the customer

Only the name and address of the customer is mandated. Registration number of the customer is not mandatory. You can update if the customer has the number.


The date of issue of the tax invoice

Invoice sate to be captured.


A sequential invoice number

The invoice number should be sequential, i.e.1,2,3, and so on.


A description of the goods or services supplied

The name of the goods or description of the service should be captured in the invoice.


The quantity of goods supplied and the value of the Supply in Omani Rials, with the unit price exclusive of tax

The qty and per-unit price exclusive of VAT should be mentioned.


If the invoice value is in foreign currency, the tax value is to be calculated in Omani Rial

You can issue an invoice in the foreign currency provided the tax value is calculated in Omani Rials using the currency rate published by the Central Bank of Oman.


The value of the discount, if any,

The discount value should be captured


The total amount due on the Supply exclusive of tax

The total value of supply exclusive of tax


Rate of VAT

Vat rate this applied on the supply


Taxable value and the value of tax

The next taxable value after discount and the total value of VAT due on the

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