How to choose the best accounting software for small businesses in Bangladesh

 | Updated on: May 15, 2023

What is accounting software?

In simple terms, accounting software is a tool that enables business owners and accountants to track, record, and process all financial transactions. The software enables businesses to manage their accounts efficiently and accurately to eliminate human errors. Accounting solutions are an extension of bookkeeping software as the former enables you to make sense of your financial transactions through reports and provide insights that can be used to make decisions. Accounting software for small business is crucial as it ensures the business is recording and analysing its business transactions properly from the start. This makes it easy in the case of audits and the preparation of financial statements.

Why are business owners using accounting software for their small businesses?

More and more small business owners are turning to accounting software because of the myriad of benefits it provides. Here are some reasons why using an accounting solution from the beginning is a wise decision.

Why accounting software for small businesses.

Accounting software solutions have multiple advantages

Enhanced accuracy

Human errors are common in traditional forms of bookkeeping. Using accounting software greatly reduces human errors and ensures your books are accurate. A software solution for accounting enables you to accurately record your transactions and perform tasks so the results are always reliable.

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Automation means faster accounting

Accounting solutions are automated which means they enable you to perform accounting tasks much faster in comparison to traditional methods. Moreover, they enable you to generate reports in a snap so you can get a sense of your company’s financial position whenever you need it.

Better data security

An accounting solution provides data security which isn’t an option in traditional forms of accounting as everything is stored in books. With enhanced protection of sensitive information, you know that your business transaction history is safe from unauthorized access.


An example of TallyPrime that enables security level creation

Detailed insights through reporting

Accounting software enables you to get thorough insights with the help of detailed reports. You can generate sales reports, payroll reports, and so on to understand every aspect of your business. The software allows you to generate as many reports as you wish and whenever you need them.

Reduces business costs

Accounting solutions enable small business owners to minimize expensive errors. With an accounting solution, you can track payments that haven’t been made, you can save on inventory costs, and you can reduce costs while improving the efficiency of your business operations.

Key features of accounting software

You will find many accounting software solutions in the market. But not all of them are the best-in-class. If you want robust accounting software that you can count on then you should look for the following key features in it.

Secure data

The accounting software you choose should enable you to store your data securely because you will be recording your sensitive business transactional data. The software must allow you to determine access control so only authorized individuals in your business can access the data. This feature is mandatory because you don’t want anyone to easily access your financial data.


A key feature of accounting software tools is the ability to generate reports. Software is no good if it can only record transactions but not allow you to make sense of the data. This key feature is important so that every person in the business can understand the financial position and the minute details of your business performance.

Cash flow management

A good accounting solution will enable you to manage your cash flow which tells you about liquidity. Every small business owner must know information about the cash and funds flow in their business as it helps them allocate capital right away to ensure the business can run properly without delays. Accounting tools with cash flow projection are reliable tools that will help you plan your investments.

Cash flow management using TallyPrime

Cash flow management is an important accounting solution feature

Invoice and billing

An accounting software solution will have invoicing and billing capabilities. This will enable you to create and process invoices. Good software will also come with a reminder feature so that you know when it is time to collect dues from people and to send reminders to them to make the payment. Invoicing enables you to know entities that owe you and how much.


A good accounting solution will have a banking feature. This feature should enable you to link your business accounts to the bank so that you can make payments easily. Generally, bank reconciliation should be available in robust software because that ensures that the recorded transactions are accurate.

Online data access

Being able to access your business data online is crucial. You should have the freedom to access your business financial data from wherever you want. Online access to your data is mandatory so that even if you are not on-premises, you can check the performance of your business. This access should be secure too.

How do you find the right accounting software for small businesses?

Ask the following questions to find the perfect accounting software for your small business needs.

Does it have all the key features?

You want to ensure that the accounting solution has all the key features that are mentioned in the earlier section. While some of them might seem advanced for your small business, you will need them in the future otherwise you will lose out to your competition. These key accounting solution features will make your business future-ready because you will have the tools to truly grow your business and sustain yourself. Accounting solutions that have these key features might be expensive, but the benefits they provide are manifold.

Key features of accounting software

Ensure all required features are present in the software

How easily can I use the software?

The ease of software use should be a major consideration because you don’t want to be spending months training accounting professionals. When you purchase accounting software, the interface should be easy to use and you shouldn’t have trouble using any feature in it. You should ensure the software provides a free trial so you can try it before you buy. You want to see the level of support that is provided. Will you receive technical support in case you get stuck at any point when using the accounting tool? You want to factor in all of this because it will ensure the proper usability of the accounting solution. What is the use of a tool if you cannot use it to its full potential?

Is the software scalable?

Your small business is going to grow and it is probably growing as you speak. When you are purchasing an accounting solution, you want to ensure the software is scalable. That is, the accounting solution shouldn’t lag when you process many more financial transactions than before. The mistake that many business owners make is to pick an accounting solution that they deem appropriate at the time but they don’t account for their future needs. You should always pick a solution that is scalable so you don’t have to migrate to another software and waste time along with energy. Scalable accounting software tools are the best options.

A scalable software solution is a must for MSMEs

What is the cost of the accounting software?

How much does the accounting solution cost? You want to look into all costs associated with the software to come to a final price. That is, you want to count all the fees that you will be paying such as for upgrade and so on. If you are choosing a robust and high-end accounting software that is being used by most businesses, then the cost of the accounting software will probably be high. Remember that accounting software cuts down considerable costs in the long run and so the cost shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. It is vital that the accounting solution meets all other criteria before you purchase it.

TallyPrime: The accounting software for MSMEs

TallyPrime is complete accounting software that meets the needs of all small business owners. It enables you to create customized invoices, handles billing, and provides advanced accounting features. You can generate more than 400 unique reports with the accounting tool so that you can comprehend your business in every way. The software provides credit management, cash flow management, inventory management, and banking features for better precision. TallyPrime is a business accounting software as it enables your business to grow and it scales with you.



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