How does Accounting Software help to Improve Productivity?

How does Accounting Software help to Improve Productivity?
Tally Solutions | Updated on: July 31, 2023

Accounting is and always has been an essential part of business management. Both small businesses and large corporations need good and sound records of their transactions in order to track their business activities and cashflow. In a small business, there is not enough time for a small team to manage all the business activities and maintain accounts manually.

In a larger corporation, the sheer volume of accounting information that is stored and communicated between departments makes manual accounting difficult. Manual accounting adds to red tape and slows down processes in the company. A robust accounting software is essential to make a company accurate, efficient, and nimble so that it can be competitive and cost-effective. Additionally, accounting software also boosts the productivity of the people in the company. This is how:

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How Does Financial Accounting Help Decision-Making?

Track expenses and income automatically

The expenses and income of the company are vital and directly impact the bottom line. Automatic management of the income and expenses of a company frees up a lot of the time of the personnel involved and also ensure seamless cash flow. Managing income and expenses is also easier when the automated systems process the payments without human error and allow for real-time monitoring whenever required. Importing all the relevant financial information to the accounting software from the company’s bank accounts, payment gateways and credit cards saves time and prevents human error.

Generate invoices and send payment reminders  easily

Accounts receivable and accounts payable are two critical areas of financial management. They directly impact the cash flows of the company. When these two functions are manually managed and there is a mistake or if an account is missed it could cause delays in payments that could prove costly. When invoices are generated automatically, there are fewer or no errors when compared to manual generation. Discrepancies in invoicing can lead to delays in receiving payments. Following up on payments can also be a time-consuming process. An automated accounting software system would send payment reminders easily and boost the productivity of the accounts receivable personnel.

 Run reports and create financial statements

Good decision-making requires quick, complete and easy-to-understand information. Accounting information contains all the vital information that should be used by management to analyze the financial aspects of the company and the effects of their decisions on the company’s finances. Accounting software that offers complete analytics and reporting is a valuable tool that can help the company make data-driven decisions. Accounting software also generates reports in real-time, unlike manually generated reports that have a lag due to the time taken for preparation. Software reports make it easier to drill down into the details and take a larger perspective as required.

Manage inventory in one spot

Inventory in a company may be spread out in different warehouses and locations. Inventory is particularly difficult to manage centrally when it is in different locations. However, an intelligent software solution that is network-enabled allows inventory to function in one department despite being divided by geographies. A company can save huge amounts of effort, time and money by simply managing its inventory from one location while also being able to get location-based reports when required.

Maximize tax deductions

Tax filing time may be the cause of extra workload on the accounting department when there is no proper software solution. A company that files taxes late or inaccurately may have to face severe fines and penalties. Improper calculations and delays may also cause the company to lose out on tax deductions and other benefits. Accounting software is invaluable in the calculation of all kinds of taxes and government levies. Some accounting software will also generate the filing reports in the required formats to be submitted directly to the authorities digitally or manually. 

Share your books with your accountant

Your accountant or accounting consultant no longer has to physically visit a company’s accounting department to work on the accounts. The software allows one to export the required accounting reports and data and send them to the accountant. A company can also grant the accountant or auditor secure remote access in order to be able to perform all the required inspections and tasks on the accounts. The productivity of accountants and auditors stays high even when they are unable to be present in the office. Good data security features ensure that the company’s accounting data is safe from malicious elements.

Collaborate with your employees

Collaboration is effortless when everyone has access to the data they require, and the flow of information is seamless between all team members. Accounting software brings teams and departments closer through data. Great accounting software also allows employees remote access to their accounting data. This ensures that traveling and remote employees are always well connected with the rest of their teammates. An employee who is on leave can also view their payroll and other data at their convenience. This prevents any syncing issues or lack of communication between everyone in the company.

Sales, marketing, and other employees have access to the latest numbers, reports and details through their smart devices even when they are in the field or on the road. Employee productivity does not take a hit when employees are traveling or working away from their desks. Cross-project and cross-department integration is essential for the company to function better and more efficiently.

Predict future finances with cash flow projections

It is essential for a company to keep close tabs on the money that it spends. Sometimes, all that it takes to improve the bottom line is to monitor and check unnecessary spending. Accounting software allows for the unobtrusive monitoring of the company’s expenses and helps management control spending or wasteful expenditure. Offering reporting and analysis tools help understand the income and expense patterns so that they can be better managed.

Accounting software that uses the data that is present in the software to create financial projections helps the company to create more realistic budgets and cash flow projections. This makes planning better and easier to implement. Resource allocation can be made based on these projections for maximum project efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The methods used by management to make decisions may be revolutionized by using financial reports and projections. This is essential to gain an edge over the rest of the competition. Good planning also makes for more hassle-free execution.

 Track project profitability

The company’s profitability is often the main focus of the accounts departments. But, accounting software helps isolate the resources used and earned by a particular project. This enables the accountants to determine the profitability of each project accurately. Good calculations enable more accurate billing and enhance profitability. However, thanks to software, this precious tracking and calculation takes no extra time or effort. The productivity of the personnel who are involved in the project can also be assessed and managed better. Projects as a whole and in their individual components become easier to document, organize and manage.

Organize receipts without taking up space

Keeping one’s books and papers in order is a challenge in a manual accounting system. Accounting software makes the organization, storage and retrieval of any accounting information almost instantaneous and saves space, time and money. It is also far more accurate than the manual maintenance of accounts. The benefit that this has on operations and productivity is most obvious when the accounts are audited and taxes are filed. Both processes go very quickly, accurately and easily when the books of accounts are managed digitally through accounting software.

Make international business better

International business requires multiple currency support. Accounting software easily adjusts invoices and any other business documents or reports to different currencies. Accounting software makes doing business across borders easier. Being able to communicate business documentation digitally makes business quicker and more accurate.

By increasing productivity, accounting software drives down costs while also enhancing efficiency in a company. Accounting and business management become more cost-effective as a benefit of increasing the productivity of the company’s personnel. By reducing redundant and repetitive tasks, accounting software also enhances the work satisfaction of employees. It frees them from repetitive tasks and helps them focus more on strategy and task execution. Good data and access to it help the business serve its customers quicker and better thereby enhancing customer satisfaction as well.

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