Using Quickbooks Desktop? Here’s Why Tallyprime Is the Right Fit for Your Business

Tally Solutions | Updated on: July 6, 2023

With QuickBooks shutting its desktop software, businesses are looking out for alternative options. In such a situation, switching to TallyPrime is the best option for you.

A comprehensive business management software TallyPrime simplifies business processes with seamless accounting, in-depth business reports, optimum inventory management, and much more. TallyPrime offers multiple business modules, online reports, allows you to add unlimited users at no additional costs, and is quick to implement and get started with. 

How TallyPrime’s Business Reports Help You Scale Up Your Business?

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Key features of TallyPrime

Being a powerful business management software, TallyPrime helps you manage all business processes – from accounting and invoicing to inventory management, insightful reports, credit and cash flow management and much more.

If you are looking for QuickBooks desktop alternative, then TallyPrime is the best solution for you. 

Invoicing and accounting: With TallyPrime, you can easily create professional-looking invoices and customize it as per your business needs. Added intuitive features like multi-currency support, flexible order processing system, receivables, and payables management, makes TallyPrime the best alternative to QuickBooks desktop. 

Inventory management: Managing inventory is a key aspect that requires continuous monitoring. With TallyPrime's inventory management feature, businesses can manage multiple warehouses, and get insightful reports like stock ageing analysis, movement analysis, reorder levels, and more. 

Enhanced security: Data security is a key aspect of any business. Being robust business management software, TallyPrime ensures superior data security. The software allows you to create multiple security levels, define user-level rights, provide specific access to certain employees, deactivate users, and much more. 

Insightful business reports: TallyPrime's 400+ business reports permit you to get an outline of your business, consequently helping with improved decision-making. Additionally, you can slice and dice reports according to your requirements.

Access your data from anywhere: Having access to business data is a critical factor for all businesses. TallyPrime allows you to access all your business reports online from anywhere, using any device. 

Multi-tasking: Multi-tasking is a key aspect for enhanced productivity for any business. With TallyPrime you can seamlessly shift from one task to another without any hassle. 

Bill of materials: With TallyPrime you can define multiple bill of materials (BoM) with a complete list of components, raw materials, assemblies, co-products, and more, along with the quantities required to manufacture a finished product.

Multi price list: Cater to different types of customers – retail or wholesaler easily with TallyPrime. Being a complete solution, TallyPrime automates your billing with pre-defined price levels and price-lists such as retailers, customers etc.  


With Quickbooks desktop shutting its services, it is important to shift to a business management software that understands your business needs, thereby providing the right support to grow your business. TallyPrime is a robust business management software that ensures seamless operations, thereby accelerating business growth. 

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