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We've been recognised as one of the top ERP software in Software Advice Front Runners 2021 and the 2021 Capterra Shortlist!

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4.4 / 5
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Who are we?

We are a technology & innovation company. Delivering business software for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) is our passion.


What are we trying to
do in North America?

Introduce interactive reports for accounting and inventory management that help business owners, accountants, and consultants.


What we have done
so far?

In our journey of 30+ years, we have helped 2 Million+ businesses automate and make their businesses and decision-making processes efficient.

Get business data at your fingertips

TallyPrime equips business owners with real-time data on their business allowing them to make smart decisions.


TallyPrime organises your business data the way you want.


Interactive and customizable dashboards that breathe life into your real-time data for quick decision-making


Any business scenario can be accommodated – incorporate your current business processes into TallyPrime.

Powerful, Personalized, and Easily Accessible Insights

Interactive Reports

Enjoy flexible and interactive reports

You can use powerful dashboards that will present your business information in intuitive visual formats.
TallyPrime enables you to slice and dice any report across any timeline.
You can compare financials of your companies, or any two reports such as cash and bank books.

Effective receivable and payable management

You can organise your receivable and payable reports by age, value, and various vendors, and never miss out on tracking any pending bills.
You can See details, send reminders, or settle a transaction with a few clicks, straight from your reports.

Transactions in multiple currencies

You can see any report in a currency of your choice.
You can transact in Forex and easily manage forex gain / loss.

Financial management

Real time and updated reports
Navigate to any recorded transaction from the report view
Slice and dice your reports in monthly or weekly views
Compare your reports across multiple currencies

No Cost Add-ons

Free support for the lifetime

Free Tool Onboarding sessions


Get support from an expert. Talk to a person and not a bot


Free on-call, chat, and email support for a lifetime (with live screen sharing options)

What Our Customers Across the World Have to Say

Our customers come from diverse geographies and business segments such as manufacturing, trading, retail and services. Hear what they have to say about us.

"User friendly! Easy to understand and make others understand! Cost effective, most of the small and medium size firms can go for this software! Password protected! Provides a variety of reports and analysis!"


Verified Reviewer

"Powerful accounting software. It provides comprehensive accounting solution to organizations of any size. It has features which helps management with up to date information for decision making."


Clement .I

"A great ERP tool for small and medium sized companies. Tally is easy to set up and it is also user friendly. The price is very affordable, given the broad range of the features and functions provided by the software."


Qiang M.

The most helpful about tally is that it helps to keep track of transactions such as vouchers, purchase request. It also helps us to monitor and tracks bulk vouchers that are due for payment.


Charles K

Tally is the Best Accounting Software for small and medium enterprises. It is mainly used for accounting purposes. It is very easy to use and Tally is designed to simply entering day to day activities happening in a business entity. As an accounting professional tally helped me a lot more in simplifying my accounting activities.

John S


How does one get onboarded?
You can buy the software online and install in your machine in a few mins? You can also send us an email to sales.us@tallysolutions.com with your serial number and we will arrange a free training session for you based on your convenience.
What kind of companies does the product cater to?
We cater to every kind of company, irrespective of the nature of their businesses. We can accommodate a wide variety of business scenarios without changing the current business processes.
Can I get a free demo & interact with an expert before buying the product?
Most certainly, send us a mail at sales.us@tallysolutions.com and we will arrange a free consultation for you. Or book a slot from the demo calendar.
I have processes unique to my business, will TallyPrime accommodate this?
Yes, TallyPrime is designed to accommodate a wide variety of new or existing business processes and exceptions. It also supports your business expansions as you can unlock appropriate functionalities at zero cost.
Contact Sales : 1800 700 5576 / sales.us@tallysolutions.com