Top Inventory Reports to Manage Inventory Efficiently

Inventory management saves money and boosts profitability, but you need proper tools and techniques.

Here are 5 essential inventory reports for effective inventory management.

Stock Movement Analysis

This report tracks the inventory flow within an organisation, showing the quantities and movement of products in and out. It provides insight into fast-moving & slow-moving goods: fast sells quickly, and slow impedes the flow of working capital

Re-order Level

The Re-order Level report sets a threshold for each product; it helps businesses avoid stockouts and overstocking. With this report, you can maintain optimal inventory levels and always have enough stock to meet customer demand.

Ageing Analysis

The faster you sell your stock, the better it is for your profitability and cash flow. Regularly preparing stock ageing analysis can help you keep track of the age of your inventory, so you can plan to sell them before they become obsolete or depreciate.

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Stock-wise  Profitability

The products' profit margin directly impacts your business's profitability and cash flow. Regularly reviewing inventory-wise profitability and inventory movement analysis will help you to invest in profitable inventories and generate more cash.

Stock Summary

A stock summary shows the closing stock held by the business on a given date, including saleable and net stock available. It helps you monitor inventories by giving you complete stock viability across multiple locations, warehouses or business unit.