Excel Import function in TallyPrime

Have branch data in Excel?

Collection agent's receipts in another spreadsheet? TallyPrime's Excel Import function makes managing records easy. Effortlessly transfer data, and streamline your records with just a few clicks.

Effortless Import

Say goodbye to manual data entry. TallyPrime allows you to effortlessly import masters and transactions from Excel with just a few clicks.

Flexible Mapping

Import data from Excel in any structure or format by mapping it to TallyPrime fields. Enjoy the flexibility to align your data precisely with TallyPrime requirements.

Ready to  make the switch?

Experience the ease of data transfer with TallyPrime's excel import function. Optimise your operations, enhance efficiency.

Sample Formats

TallyPrime provides sample formats for easy import of ledgers and transactions in a tap. Simplify your data transfer process with predefined templates.

Error Identification

TallyPrime's Excel Import function streamlines the process and identifies incomplete details or errors. Experience seamless system-assisted correction for a hassle-free import.

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