Let us make VAT easy for you

At Tally, we come with more than 3 decades of experience in assisting professionals like you with tax compliance. TallyPrime, all new powerful business management software, comes with the simplest, fastest, most reliable and flexible way to manage VAT compliance for you and your clients.

Tally for VAT

We spend a lot of time and effort in understanding the behaviour of your practise and the nature of operations of your clients. This coupled with our deep understanding of VAT compliance as a subject has enabled us to build a software solution that fits exactly as per your needs. We have taken care of invoicing and returns and everything else in between in the simplest manner possible. The product’s powerful triangulation capabilities which is based on the principle of prevention, detection and correction will help you rest assured that returns are 100% accurate and a true reflection of books of accounts. TallyPrime, our latest release supports the change in general rate of tax in returns and annexures.

CPA Program

In addition to associating with the ICPAK, we are working very closely with the CPA community in Kenya. We engage on various topics to do with technology enablement of the community, automation of SMEs, VAT compliance etc. These engagements happen through breakfast meetings, events and 1-1 discussions. One of our key priorities is to help CPA staff develop themselves and our managers work closely with them in becoming more efficient and effective. If you would like to talk to us regarding this program, please call us on 0706682559 or 0722747860.