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Computerize Your Business

Why is it time to start computerizing your business?

Computers have revolutionised every facets of our personal life. It has also changed the way of doing business in every possible way. In fact the technology has been changing so rapidly that you might often find yourself to be blind-sided in business by your new set completion. It is imperative to keep up with the changes to ensure that you are ahead of the curve while managing your organization and customers.

One of the inevitable change you should adopt in the midst of all transition is to start computerizing your business.

1. Replacing the Cash register: Do an instant cash invoicing for an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. Integrate the same to an appropriate software to stay on top of your cash flows and outstanding.

2. Tracking the inventory: Keep your sales and purchase (re-orders) activities based on the inventory status. Do a movement analysis of the stock and roll out various schemes and discount aligned to it.

3. Speed: Moving from manual way to doing computerized business manner will help in quicker decision making and real-time updating of accounting and inventory.

4. Tracking sales by customer: You can track and prioritize your sales plan/ schemes/ discounts based on the transactions of your customer base.

5. Automation: Capture all your business information and automate entire backend mundane, time consuming processes associated with your business operations.

6. Accuracy: Clerical error is reduced to great extent due to lesser manual based operations

7. Access to Information: Get access to your business information in a secured fashion and take business decisions from your customer, prospect, and partner locations giving an enhanced experience to all the stakeholders.

8. Business Software & Operations: You can integrate a solution specific to your business and other relevant operations (sales, purchase, order management, inventory, banking, etc... An overall digitization of operations will help you to be on top of your business and helps in staying contemporary to the market.

9. Reliability: Data generated and prepared by computers are far more reliable than done by manual way.

10. Scalability: Computer will support the growing amount of work and challenges related to network, data management, processes aiding to the organization scaling.

11. Security: With computerization, one can give role based access of your business information to your employees. Also, provide data back-up from man-made and artificial failures ensuring business continuity.

12. Tracking: Make Budget and keep track of the variations to ensure that you are on top of your business health. Also, identify and correct errors to have confidence on the business data.

13. View for Analysis: Have a quick snapshot of your business health to identify any problematic or a winning trend and take forward business operations accordingly.

14. Digitization: Instant documentation of your business data (sales, purchase, inventory, outstanding: receivables and payable etc…). Also, keep your business information in digital format for ease of data access and to stay compliant as per the needed computerized

15. Financial Statement: Generate the financial reports/ statement and share the same instantly with Banks, Governments, CPA and other stakeholders

Risks of not planning the transition properly:

1. If the transition is not done in a planned manner, it can lead to lot of chaos in your business.

2. Manual to Computerized Business step needs to be taken in tandem with a comprehensive and robust business software so that you can focus on running your business and not the software.


If the entire transition is planned well and is undertaken as a well thought project, for sure it will catapult your organization to manifold business. In short, computerized business will aid you in saving time, money and in taking operational decisions, to serve your new and existing customers with the best possible experience.

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