Customized ERP Software

Customized ERP Software

Every business is unique and thereby has its own unique requirements. Some of these are fulfilled by default ERP software that a business uses, while some others need customized ERP solution.

At Tally, we work in close proximity with the business community and understand the diversity in businesses and backgrounds. To enable our customers to be able to customize Tally.ERP 9, we have provided an open platform for developers to further customize ERP software.

How to get Tally Customizations?

Tally.ERP 9 is built on an open platform using our own proprietary language known as Tally Developer Language. For developers, we have a tool called Tally.Developer 9 which they can use to customize our ERP software for businesses as per their unique requirements. :

Readily available Tally Customizations

To enhance user experience, we have also built-in TallyShop in Tally.ERP 9.

Some of the modules which are frequently used by businesses are made available in the online marketplace TallyShop by our partners. You can find the TallyShop button on the top bar in Tally.ERP 9. These modules are priced at very affordable rates starting from Rs.283/-.

Some of the modules, which are frequently used by people are kept on Tally shop by our partners. Any user can find a button of Tally shop on Top bar in Tally.ERP 9. These modules are available at affordable rates starting from Rs. 283/-. If you have a Tally license already, then you can test and try out the modules of your choice for free up to a week, before buying them.

TallyShop has more than 700 modules or Add-ons under 17 categories. You can also find out how many users are using which module.

Tally Customizations for Specific Segments

Tally customizations are also available for meeting the business needs of specific segments. Across India, many of our developers have spent plenty of time with businesses from diverse segments such as manufacturing, retail, petrol bunks, automobiles, jewellery, and so on. Over time, our developers have built a repository of Add-ons which fulfill very specific needs of the various segments. These add-ons fulfills need of a customized ERP software.

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Pricing for Tally Customizations

We have standardized the rates for customization in terms of man-days. Rates per hour and per man-day are defined based on the skill set of the developer. You can easily get a quotation from any Tally Certified Partner.

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Partners for Tally Customizations

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Integration with other ERP Software

The Tally ERP software can be easily integrated with other software as well. Be it a manufacturing process-related software, retail software, export-related software or any other, Tally.ERP 9 can be easily integrated with, and also further customized if necessary. We provide easy exchange of data between two applications are we are ODBC compliant.

Data Migration of ERP software

Data can be easily migrated from other software to Tally.ERP 9 if it is available in XML format. If the data is of a different format, then you can customize that data and import it easily into Tally.ERP 9.


With the trust of nearly 2 million businesses, Tally is truly the leading business software of choice in India. Be it accounting or GST compliance, you can rely on us to simplify all ends of your business.