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Verification of Opening Balances; General Ledger Analysis/Scrutiny

In Tally.ERP Auditors' Edition, the Verification of Balance feature compares the Closing Trial Balance as on 31st March of the Previous Year with the Opening Trial Balance as on 1st April of the Current Financial Year. Differences are displayed in red.


 • Auditors can:
    - Verify Balances for Ledgers
    - Check Ledger Balance Variance
    - Provide Verification Notes for the Variances
 • Difference between Opening and Closing Balances highlighted in red for immediate attention
 • Scrutinise individual Ledgers and
    - Check Bill-Wise details of a transaction
    - Do a Daily-breakup of Opening/Closing Balances and track changes

 • Single click report to analyse balance verification
 • One-click report giving details on General Ledger Scrutiny & Balance variances for each  Group/Ledger
 • Saves time while conducting Balances verification and variance analysis