Login as Remote User

Users created under the Security Levels Tally.NET User or a Tally.NET Auditor can login and access data from anywhere. On the remote computer it is necessary to install Tally.ERP 9 which could be running in Licensed or Educational mode.

The Startup screen appears

The Login As Remote Tally.NET User screen appears

To reset the password click F5: Reset Password or press F5


In case the user is logging in to Control Centre, Support Centre, Remote User, Surrender License and Update License for the first time after creating the account, Tally.ERP 9 will automatically take you to Change My Password. To know more on how to change the password, refer to Change My Password.

Restrictions on concurrent Remote Logins of Tally.NET Users

There are certain restrictions on the number of concurrent Remote Logins that can be performed for different types of Sessions (Logins into Remote Company, Control Centre, Support Centre):


Remote Company (Data Session)

Control Centre

Support Centre


One user per License




 10 concurrent users* per License



Tally.Server 9

50 concurrent users* per License



*A Tally.NET User can log into only one Remote Company at a time

The restrictions will be applied at Account level.

So, if the Account is linked to:


ABC Company has a Gold License, hence can do 10 Remote Sessions at a time. The first 10 users can log in using the process explained here.

The 11th user will not be able to log in, as the number of Remote Login Sessions for a Gold License is limited to 10.

When the 11th user tries to log into a Remote Company, the following error message will be displayed:

There might be a scenario wherein such a business owner also has a Silver License. In such cases the limit of 1 Remote Login Session will apply.