Cheque Printing

The Cheque Printing option in the Banking menu allows the user to print all the pending, already printed or the required cheques continuously from a single screen. It also allows to update the cheque details of a transaction, i.e., the instrument no, instrument date, cheque favouring, etc. The bank ledger needs to be enabled for cheque printing from ledger creation or alteration mode.

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Accessing Cheque Printing

Printing Cheques / Cheque Printing Reports

Configuring Cheque Printing

Accessing Cheque Printing

To access Cheque Printing screen,

The Select Bank screen displaying the List of Bank appears as shown:

The Cheque Printing screen of the selected Bank is displayed as shown:

Note: This button toggles between Show All / Hide Printed.

Bank Not Configured for Cheque Printing

The cheque printing screen will prompt with a message Bank not configured for Cheque Printing when the bank ledger not configured for cheque printing is selected, as shown:

The bank needs to be enabled for cheque printing from ledger alteration screen.

In the Cheque Printing screen of the ledgers configured for it,

Printing Cheques / Cheque Printing Reports

The user may print All or selected cheque from the Cheque Printing list.

Printing All Cheques

To Print All Cheque from the list,

The Print Report screen appears. Set the option Print Cheque to Yes as shown:

Note: The option - Print Cheque appears only if a particular bank is selected for printing cheques. On selecting All Items for displaying pending cheques of different banks in cheque printing screen, this option will not appear.

Printer Selection

Press S: Select Printer button to select the printer and the paper size. Select the paper size as A4.


In the Sample Cheque Printing screen, press N: Orientation button (Alt+N) to select the orientation. The orientations - Vertical and Horizontal gets listed.

On selecting Vertical - centre/left/right the cheque gets printed in vertically (oriented as portrait). Using these options, the cheque can be printed by setting the orientation to:

Additionally for printing the cheque face up or face down with vertical orientation, the field - Print From (for Vertical Only) gets displayed. Depending on the printer, the front or rear can be selected.  

On selecting Horizontal the cheque gets printed horizontally (oriented as landscape).

Overall Adjustment

Using the configuration provided for overall adjustment:

From the Sample Cheque Printing screen, click on F12: Configure button and change/retain the dimensions in 'mm' as per requirement.

Accept the configuration and print the cheque. The adjustments done for overall adjustment using F12: Configuration of cheque printing screen does not affect the settings of Cheque Dimensions pre-configured for the selected cheque format.

The Printed Cheque displays as shown:

Printing Selected Cheques

To Print selected Cheques from the list,

Cheque Report Printing

To print the Cheque report,

Note: This option appears only in case Multi Currency feature is enabled for the company.

On setting Print Cheque it to Yes, the options - Include Printed Cheques also, Show Payment Favouring and Show Remarks also gets set to No automatically as the user has opted to print cheque. If Print Cheque is set to No, a statement displaying all entries including details of printed cheques can be generated with information about favouring name and remarks as entered in the Bank Allocation sub-screen of payment voucher.

The Cheque Report Printing screen is displayed as shown:

The Cheque Report Printing is displayed as shown:

Configuring Cheque Printing

The user may configure the Cheque Printing screen based on his requirement.

To configure,

Confirm each Cheque before Print

By default this is set to Yes. The cheque printing will confirm for each cheque before printing.

Include Printed Cheques also

By default, this option is set to No. Set it to Yes to display the Printed Cheques also

Note: This option is similar to the function key F6: Show All / Hide Printed.

Show Forex Transactions only

By default, this option is set to Yes. The cheque printing screen displays only the forex transaction.

Note: This option appears only in case the company is enabled with multi currency feature.

Show Payment Favouring

By default, this option is set to Yes. The cheque printing screen displays the Favouring Name column.

Note: The Favouring Name column displays only those names which are different from the Party/Ledger account names.

Show Remarks also

By default, this option is set to No. Set it to Yes to display the Remarks also.

Appearance of Name

Select the required Display Name Style from the list to display in cheque printing screen.

Scale Factor for Values

Select the required Scale Factors from the list.

Sorting Method

Select the required Sorting Methods from the list.